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Our company is responsible for sales of rust inhibitors and heat treatment agents for steel and metal, as well as all aspects of surface treatment processing

We contribute to a wide range of industries in the fields of sales of corrosion inhibitors and heat treatment agents for steel and metals, as well as surface treatment processing. Our company also manufactures and sells road signs and road-related facilities that are familiar to people's daily lives.

We will make use of the expertise we have cultivated for many years in the field of metal surface treatment and traffic safety facilities to meet the demands of our customers and society.

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Business contents
Metal surface treatment
As a group company of Nippon Parkerizing Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of surface treatment agents, we receive various chemical conversion agents, technologies, and know-how in our processing.

We provide top-quality treatment for metal surfaces in all industrial fields, such as cleaning, rust prevention, base coating, lubrication, and decoration, according to the purpose.

Main processing, etc.
Chemical conversion treatment, solid lubrication treatment, anodizing, general heat treatment, Isonite treatment, coating, chromate treatment, electroless nickel plating, sales of chemicals and related equipment

Automobiles, plants, nuclear power, aerospace, construction machinery-related, weak electric power, agricultural machinery
Road safety facilities
Construction technology as a structure, functionality to provide information to drivers and pedestrians, matching with the landscape, and maintenance to maintain these functions. That is the stage where we should demonstrate our strength, and we will always challenge ourselves.

Main products
Traffic signs, demarcation lines, 3M Japan products, traffic safety facilities
Architectural functional materials
In cooperation with 3M Japan, we contribute to society and the global environment by providing construction-related architectural products.

Main products
Scotch Tint window film, KILUCOAT hybrid insulation coat, PG Guard, DI-NOC film, Safety Walk, mat products
Our Techno Center conducts various tests and technological development related to metal surface treatment to meet your various needs.

Main business activities
Contract analysis of process liquids
Analytical investigation of coating
Development of metal surface treatment technologies (plating, anodizing, electropolishing, metal surface coloring)

Scanning electron microscopy
X-ray fluorescence analysis
ICP emission spectrometry
Ion chromatography
Atomic absorption spectrometry
Salt spray testing
To date, we have provided equipment and machinery that satisfy our customers' needs for improved quality, cost, productivity, and environmental friendliness, as well as space savings.

Our strength and belief is in designing equipment that makes the most of our expertise in surface treatment and coating technologies, which characterize our company.

Main business contents
Sales, design, and construction of integrated coating equipment, cleaning equipment, and other production equipment
Maintenance and after-sales service for delivered equipment and machinery (we also support equipment from other companies)
Provision of information on our company's products, such as equipment and chemicals used in the equipment

Main customers
Construction equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, printing machinery manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers, other industrial machinery manufacturers

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