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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:10

AIKEN Co.,Ltd.

We provide water and soil contamination surveys and working environment measurements

We are an environmental measurement certification business based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, that conducts water quality surveys, soil surveys, and working environment measurements.

Our other services include WET testing as well as surveys, measurement, and analysis of asbestos, air pollution, noise, and vibration.

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Measuring and analyzing equipment
Measurement and analysis of water quality, soil, and so on are subject to detailed standards established by official methods such as the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the Notification Law, so it is necessary to meet these standards and perform appropriate measurement and analysis.

Since the type, accuracy, and scope of measurement and analysis vary greatly depending on the type and specifications of the measurement and analysis equipment owned by each laboratory, a laboratory that does not possess extensive measurement and analysis equipment will not be able to meet all of its customers' needs.

Our company possesses 100 units of measurement and analysis equipment of 40 types in-house, and we can handle a wide range of analysis from legal items to unknown sample analysis. We can satisfy a wide variety of customer needs by selecting the types of measurement and analysis equipment that suit the customer's purpose.
Licensed personnel
In 1976, we became the third company certified as an environmental measurement certification establishment in Aichi Prefecture, and have over 40 years of extensive experience and know-how in measurement and analysis.

After considering the purpose of the measurement and analysis, the surrounding environment, and so on through interviews, site visits, and other methods, we propose an optimal measurement and analysis method, and qualified personnel perform the measurement and analysis based on the relevant measurement standards.
WET testing
Our company handles WET testing, which uses biological responses to comprehensively evaluate the effects of chemical substances in rivers, water for public use, and factory effluent.

In WET testing, fish, plankton, and other organisms are released into water containing chemical substances to analyze the effects of the chemical substances on the organisms.

This enables a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of the impact and toxicity of a wide variety of chemicals on aquatic environments.

Through WET testing, we investigate the impact on the global environment of conventional chemicals and unknown chemicals created by scientific advances, which helps you realize safe and secure wastewater management.

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