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Marine River Co.,Ltd.

A Company That Designs, Manufactures, Sells, and Installs Heat Pump Chillers, Heat Exchangers, and Fisheries Equipment

We manufacture and sell aquarium equipment such as heat pump chillers for seawater, titanium heat exchangers, and live fish tanks. In addition to seawater, our equipment is also used to cool and heat liquids that ordinary chillers cannot handle such as well water, hydroponics, and those at food factories. You can trust us with your seawater cooling and heating needs, from live fish tanks to aquaculture facilities.

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Main Products
Inverter Cooling and Heating Unit for Seawater (Heat Pump Chiller)
The unit has been used in various applications, including fisheries, food, engineering, and agriculture.

Energy Saving
An energy saving rate of about 30% is realized by adopting a DC inverter chiller and control system of 4-20mA DC.

High Corrosion Resistance
The use of a titanium inner tube provides semi-permanent corrosion resistance to salt water compared to other metals. The tube is also ideal for fisheries equipment because it does not elute metal ions affecting fish and shellfish survival. When used for food products, it is hygienic with no red rust or elution of metal ions.

High Performance
The grooved double tube's fin effect improves the heat transfer area on the refrigerant side and the uniformity of refrigerant flow in the circumferential direction of the tube, resulting in a performance of five to ten times higher than that of a conventional titanium coil heat exchanger.

Vibration Resistance
The inner tube is fixed with a grooved copper tube, preventing abrasion caused by vibrations more than with conventional double pipes.

Descaling of Titanium Tubes
A simple method has been established to remove deposits in titanium tubes without using chemicals, etc.
Cooling Unit for Seawater (for live fish tanks)
Made in Japan
Refrigeration units, heat exchangers, and temperature controllers are made in Japan.

High Corrosion Resistance
Same as the heat pump chiller.

Dedicated Controller
Easy-to-use digital temperature controller. The temperature setting can be changed in 0.1°C increments. It can indicate abnormalities in water temperature. It is equipped with a refrigeration unit abnormality lamp.
Titanium Heat Exchanger
Titanium heat exchangers offer excellent corrosion resistance to seawater. Various types are available, so please feel free to contact us.

<List of Available Types>
Titanium heat exchanger for large aquarium tanks
Titanium heat exchangers for small aquarium tanks
Immersion titanium heat exchanger
Titanium heat exchanger for exhaust heat recovery
Shell and tube type heat exchanger
Coil heat exchanger
Shell and coil heat exchangers
Grooved double tube heat exchanger
MR Type Pipeless Integrated Live Fish Tank
It is a high-tech water tank that thoroughly pursues energy conservation. The use of a seawater axial-flow pump and an integrated heat-insulating structure eliminates heat loss, thereby drastically reducing running costs. The tank can be manufactured to your specifications to accommodate various fish species and shapes.

Aquarium equipment such as cooling and heating units, sterilization equipment, circulation pumps, blowers, control panels, etc., is also available. Please feel free to contact us.
Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Water disinfection by ultraviolet light is a clean method because it does not require extensive facilities or large amounts of heat as thermal disinfection does, and it does not affect water quality as chemical disinfection does.

Water flow type UV sterilizer
UV + ozone water treatment equipment




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