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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

Laboro.AI Inc.

Order-made AI development “Custom AI”

Laboro.AI Inc. is a startup that supports development and introduction of "Custom AI" in a wide range of AI and machine learning technical fields, such as image recognition, natural language, voice recognition, and reinforcement learning. We welcome companies from all industries as clients, and are focused on using AI to support “core operations" of businesses, which are the sources of competitive advantage.

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Order-made AI development “Custom AI”
What is “Custom AI”?
Including images, natural language, audio, sensor data, time series data, and more,
we develop AI solutions in all areas, customized to meet the challenges of businesses from all industries.
“Solution design” supporting development of custom AI
At Laboro.AI, we emphasize a new type of consulting and support process known as “solution design,” so that AI can be used as a solution to achieve better business results.

Solution design is the process of doing AI design assuming “How can we use AI in business, and what results will it bring us?” This comes after the works with a “solution designer,” their full-time consultant, to organize and consider the conditions necessary to introduce AI, such as interviews about issues, sharing of goals, and drawing road maps.
AI engineering to achieve business outcomes
Another original aspect of Laboro.AI is engineering dedicated to business implementation. The feature of Laboro.AI is our engineer team, which is up to speed on cutting edge technology and has expertise in various fields. Our team is capable of developing “AI that contributes to business” in an optimal form, rather than simple “AI that is highly accurate.”