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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

MARS Company Co.,Ltd.

A new cold chain forged with unique long-term refrigerated storage technology that has captured the attention of the world

We do non-thermal energy R&D and product manufacturing. We improve the added value, expand the transportation area, and reduce food loss of agricultural and marine products using our “freshness keeping technology,” “ice making technology,” and “freezing technology.” By doing so, we aim to be a global company which contributes to the building of a recycling-oriented society.

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Product Introduction
Product Introduction “Kuraban”
“Kuraban,” a commercial refrigerator that preserves freshness, preventing food loss, with electric field refrigeration
It retains freshness 3 to 10 times as well as conventional refrigeration, allowing food to age while maintaining freshness. This makes it possible to defrost food with minimal damage.

Feature 1: Freshness retention
Reduces deterioration of vegetables and fruits. Realizes long-term freshness retention compared to conventional refrigerators. It reduces oxidation and drying of food, keeping food fresh so it lasts for a long time, even with ripe tomatoes.

Feature 2: Aging
Until now, dry aging (of beef) has been unsanitary because meat must be aged over a long period of time while tightly controlling the temperature and humidity, in a special aging room. Also, there was a great deal of trimming loss, making it very expensive. When aging with Kuraban, humidity control is not necessary. The meat matures in a short time with almost no loss, making it both affordable and hygienic.

Feature 3: High quality defrosting
It is extremely effective for thawing frozen products (tuna, shrimp, etc.). It reduces dripping during thawing and cell disruption. By storing food in Kuraban even after thawing, it can be used without loss, while keeping it fresh.

Feature 4: Mold control
It suppresses the increase of harmful microorganisms including fungi and common bacteria with non-thermoelectric energy and low temperature control storage. Stabilizes prices of ingredients such as strawberries, which are subject to volatile change in market prices. This reduces the loss of foods which go bad quickly.
Product introduction “Sea Snow”
Unlike conventional ice, it contains 1% salt, and keeps -1˚C temperature for a long time, preventing damage and spoilage from interference with fish bodies. This magical ice can keep fish fresh for a long time, and takes only half the volume of conventional water ice.

Feature 1: Keeps temperature just at a level where fish does not freeze
At or above 0˚C, the temperature of conventional ice, the rate of enzymatic decomposition of fish increases, and the fish will spoil. Yet, when the temperature drops below -2˚C, fish will begin to freeze. Sea ​​Snow gently surrounds fish and keeps it stable around -1˚C. This keeps fish fresh without turning on the switch of enzymatic decomposition.

Feature 2: Same salt concentration as fish body fluid
Just as in humans, fish have a body fluid salt concentration of about 1%. In conventional ice, salt concentration is 0%, so when fish contacts ice or melted water, its body fluids flow out due to the osmotic pressure difference. This makes the color turn white and makes the body deteriorate, so decomposition proceeds quickly. Salt concentration of Sea Snow is kept constant at about 1%, so there is no osmotic pressure difference even if fish touches Sea Snow. This means there is no discoloration and the fish is kept very fresh.

Feature 3: Keeping fish fresh for a long time
Sea Snow is soft like snow, so it acts as a cushioning material and does not easily damage fish, and can maintain temperature around -1˚C, making it possible to maintain freshness for a long time.
Product introduction “DIPS”
DIPS (Dipping Ice Processing System) is ultra-rapid freezing equipment. 
This freezing equipment makes a chilled slurry of saturated salt water, which has a salt concentration of 23.5%, and uses its specific latent heat of -21˚C.
It can be used to freeze a wide range of products, including fish and meat, such as freezing fresh fish, freezing processed packaged products, and more.
It passes through the temperature range of -1˚C to -5˚C, the range which greatly affects the freezing quality, much faster than either the air blast freezing or alcohol brine freezing.
This freezing equipment can differentiate its frozen products from conventional frozen foods by minimizing cell disruption.
It is a technology that enables mass freezing on a large scale, for which alcohol brine freezing is not well-suited.
It also has heat exchanger technology, an important component technology for energy saving, so it improves freezing quality and saves energy at the same time.
We have received many inquiries about freezing of cold storage materials (cooling agents), which have had rising demand as a substitute for dry ice in recent years.
Freezing of cold storage materials normally takes about 12 to 24 hours, but with this equipment it can be frozen in about 60 to 90 minutes.