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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:48


Our goal is to realize a convenient society in which people can access information faster and more precisely

We are developing a search platform to accurately find necessary information from a huge database, and tools to streamline data maintenance. We do business with many companies in the travel industry, as well as e-commerce operating companies.

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We do business with a focus on the following three points
Spook® Business
[1] We do consigned development and maintenance operation of e-commerce site product search pages of major companies, with a focus on the technological foundation that enables high-speed searches of complex high volume data.

Our business is consigned development and maintenance operation of overnight tour search pages for major Japanese travel agencies, discount ticket search pages for welfare companies, and more.
The common feature of all these is they require handling “complex” and “high volume” data.
Controlling the combination of trains and hotels for overnight tours is a complex process. In the case of welfare, it is necessary to control which products are shown or hidden and control the distribution of charges for each member.
・High Volume
Especially in the travel industry, inventory changes on a daily basis, so there is an extremely high volume of data, and searches using a simple relational database cannot complete.

We make full use of our unique database design concept and original data types to provide products for customers who require high specifications.
Business expansion with SaaS services
[2] We are expanding our business by developing SaaS type services that use our knowledge of high-speed searches.

Only a limited number of companies can use high-specification search functions in consigned development.
Development of a SaaS type search system was key to business expansion, so that we would be used by more companies.

In recent years, we have succeeded in developing SaaS systems in areas where consigned development was the standard, such as overnight tour searches, and these systems have been used by many companies.
Unlike consigned development, the things required for more versatile systems pose new challenges and stimuli for engineers.
Aiming to build “fairness” between us and our customers
[3] We are seeking to build “fairness” with our customers beyond the relationship of making and taking orders.

Around 2001, when our company was founded, the social status of engineers was not as high as it is today.
It was natural for user companies that have services to use a development company as a subcontractor, via a systems integrator.

In these circumstances, while we are a development company, we do not make direct contracts with user companies to develop according to fixed requirements. Rather, we have gotten involved from the point where requirements are decided for what kind of web service is necessary, and have worked on development and maintenance operations the whole way through.
It is critical for us to build “fairness” with our customers in such a style.