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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48 Japan Co.,Ltd.

We offer mobile marketing cloud solutions that let you bring your marketing in-house!

In the near future, regulations on third-party cookies will make retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the like less effective, which will increase the importance of doing your own marketing in-house.
We hope you will take advantage of our Mobile Marketing Cloud service to support your own marketing activities.

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Mobile Marketing Cloud
MMC (Mobile Marketing Cloud) service
[Easily create LPs with no coding required]
We offer MMC (Mobile Marketing Cloud) services that support in-house marketing without outsourcing.
Since no coding is required, it can be used even by people who are not very familiar with IT, which reduces outsourcing costs and saves time.
By taking full advantage of this feature, you will be able to quickly deliver personalized ads to your target audience in no time.
WhatsApp business API
[WhatsApp official account for inbound tourism support]
Rather than through email or forms, overseas consumers use the more casual and friendly WhatsApp app to inquire about or purchase products from companies and stores.
WhatsApp is a communication application similar to LINE in Japan. It is used by 2 billion people worldwide, but it is not well known among Japanese people.
We are a partner that provides the WhatsApp business API.
We suggest opening an official WhatsApp business account to introduce a communication method that is popular among people overseas.
Opening an official WhatsApp business account is subject to strict review and approval by its parent company, Meta (Facebook).
It is a safe platform for consumers because WhatsApp does not tolerate any spoofing or malicious businesses.
We can help you with the application process for this official business account.
By using our Customer Contact Web communication platform, you can easily manage communication with your customers with multiple people.
Electronic signature service (resale)
[Resalable electronic signature service]
In recent years, more and more companies have been working to reduce the need to affix seals to contracts and other important documents and to improve business operations through paperless management. This has resulted in a growing need to add electronic signatures to existing systems.
Adding digital signatures to your services and systems can add value.
Our digital signature service is a pay-as-you-go system that allows you to set your own prices for your end users, so there is no charge if there is no usage, and no risk on your part.

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