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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:25

Haruedenshi Co.,Ltd.

Electronic component manufacturing, industrial machinery design and manufacturing, and microsatellite design

We propose designs for each type of equipment suited to each customer's plant and line, and provide integrated services from conceptual design to assembly, installation, and after-sales follow-up.

We have delivered many types of equipment, including assembly equipment dedicated to automotive parts, workpiece conveyance equipment, aligning machines, stamping inspection equipment, semiconductor cleaning equipment, and jigs and tools.

To provide products that can be accepted in the global market, we will promote manufacturing of high-quality products that are second to none, armed with the know-how we have cultivated.

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Space Business Division
We make use of our expertise in industrial machinery design and manufacturing to focus on designing and simulating microsatellites. Our aim is to develop technologies that will enable mass production in the future.

Our company is also a member of the Fukui Satellite Project, which was established in 2020 with the goal of launching satellites, and we are collaborating with Tokyo University, which has a track record of launching microsatellites. We have dreams and believe in our potential, and are taking on the challenge of space-related business to open the door to the future.
Factory Automation Division
Unlike general-purpose equipment, we propose a wealth of ideas for each type of equipment suited to your factory or line.

In assembly equipment, we were the first in Japan to succeed in mechanizing manual assembly work using multi-axis robots. In 2015, we developed a multi-vision robot system equipped with a camera and dynamics sensor.

Our multi-axis robots contribute greatly to factory rationalization lines and labor savings. They have been delivered to companies such as Aisin Fukui Corporation, Fukui Murata Manufacturing, and Denso, and have been high acclaimed.
Semiconductor Division
Since our establishment, semiconductor production has been positioned as a pillar of our business. We are responsible for soldering, pressing, and visual inspection in semiconductor post-processes, striving to maintain a high level of quality and accuracy that satisfies our customers.

We have confidence in the trust and reputation for high quality that we have earned from our customers without producing defective products. We will continue to have a sense of mission to always manufacture precision products and flexibly handle the electronic components that are widely used in every aspect of the modern world with our advanced technological capabilities.

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