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Contributing to Manufacturing Around the World with Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools

Our company has a lineup of cemented carbide cutting tools to meet various needs, such as reducing machining time and cost. By improving the cutting tools, we design and propose tools best suited for your current machining needs and supply them with short delivery times and low prices.

Most of our standard products were developed in response to customer requests. Since they are superior to competing products in durability and processing speed, you can use them with peace of mind.

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Business Description
Machinery & Equipment Division
This division sells machine tools, mainly cutting tools, measuring tools, work tools, filing supplies, imported tools, and environmental equipment. In order to promote proposal-based sales, we are investing in equipment such as measuring and analytical instruments and are making improvements so that we can respond more quickly.

The division also develops robot systems and promotes automation. In particular, cooperative robots and AI emulation systems do not require programming, so anyone can teach these robots easily.
Manufacturing Division
Manufacturing Department 1 (machining)
Jig production and machining of molds, prototypes, and precision parts.
Our cemented carbide tools are tested on actual models in this department.
The department introduced Tsugami combined lathes and built a cutting tool system for automatic lathes. They developed an Uno system with high-pressure coolant, which is three times more productive than conventional systems. 

Manufacturing Department 2 (metal saw)
This department develops and manufactures cutting tools under our brand, the Sea Wave Saws, and manufactures and resharpens special tools. In addition, they have developed metal saws for automatic lathes and started production for the semiconductor industry and electronic components.

Manufacturing Department 3 (end mill)
The department develops and manufactures cemented carbide end mills under our brand, the Sea Wave End Mill series, and manufactures and re-sharpens special tools. In particular, they sell the Uno Tooling System as a set of small-diameter tools and high-speed spindles.
Overseas Business Division
This division imports goods from Europe, the U.S., and other foreign countries, acts as a procurement agent in Japan for Japanese companies operating in China, and helps Japanese companies enter China (interpretation, on-site inspection support, market research on their behalf, etc.).

The division plans to establish sales agents in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan to develop the company’s global business. It will also directly import superior tools from Europe, Asia, and the United States and sell them across Japan.

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