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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:01

Hokushin CO., LTD.

We deliver R&D and inspection equipment that meets your requirements.

We are a trading company specializing in electronic measuring instruments and physiochemical and analytical instruments. We propose optimal products and systems to our customers, and we develop our own products for requests that cannot be realized with off-the-shelf products.

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Sales Pitch

Sales department
To propose optimal equipment and systems, we need to accurately understand your research and needs.

We can provide answers and speedy responses that can only be delivered by a company that knows hardware and software inside out.

We have a thousand answers to a thousand needs.

Electronic measuring instruments
Analytical instruments and reagents
Optical and physical–chemical equipment
Industrial measuring instruments, industrial equipment
Testers, analytic equipment, measuring tools
Electronic components, jigs and tools
Office automation equipment, etc.
Design and manufacturing departments
With experienced mechanical, electrical, and software designers on staff, we can provide one-stop hardware and software design and production in-house. We also develop optimal products according to customer requirements in various industries.

Electronic component manufacturers
Inspection equipment for multi-rotation trimmers, compact laser marking presses, rotation life test equipment for trimmers, motion sensor inspection equipment

Electrical and home appliance manufacturers
Liquid crystal display inspection equipment, flexible circuit board LED mounting, floating image inspection systems, solar cell evaluation and measurement equipment

Chemical manufacturers
Magnetizing process deviation image inspection equipment, workpiece contour image inspection equipment, coating and drying equipment (laboratory equipment), alkali degreasing equipment

Plating manufacturers
Diamond saw wire inspection equipment, hoop-plated product image inspection equipment, hoop image inspection equipment, program boxes for plating equipment

Materials manufacturers
Pressure resistance test equipment with dryers, adhesive tape winding torque inspection equipment

Press equipment manufacturers
Equipment for broadcasting in press equipment, stockers for press work

Textile manufacturers
Special looms for carbon fiber, plasma cutters for difficult-to-cut products

Automobile parts manufacturers
Automobile parts image inspection equipment, automatic plate register assembly equipment

Photocopier manufacturers
Waste reduction equipment, photo paper coating process plant control

Audio equipment manufacturers
Cable bending test equipment, turntables for anechoic rooms

Aluminum rolling manufacturers
Observation line monitor racks, radiation temperature sensing workpiece detection system
Service department
We offer periodic inspections and performance checks after delivery to ensure that you can use our products with peace of mind. If there is a malfunction or failure in product operation, we will visit the site as quickly as possible from one of our offices to determine the cause of the problem and quickly repair the product.

We also proactively respond to requests for improvements and requests after delivery, such as wanting a specific additional function. We provide high quality and reliable after-sales support, which is possible because of our integrated technical capabilities from design to manufacturing and assembly.

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