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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:57

Kinos Co.,Ltd.

Design and Manufacture of Conveyor Systems and General Industrial Machinery

Our company is a manufacturer of conveyor systems and other transfer line equipment for food production. Equipped with sheet metal processing machines such as combined laser-punch machines and machine tools such as machining centers and NC lathes, we have reduced lead time by manufacturing most of our parts in-house.

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Creating Together Through Effective Techniques
Facility Design
At our System Design Building, which was newly built in 2019, we design conveying equipment and other systems to solve our customers' problems. Mechanical and electrical design departments are located in the same room to increase the frequency of interaction and promote problem-solving that transcends technical boundaries. Also, in recent years, a unique KDM system has been used to make drawings paperless, with the aim of reducing human error, such as the misplacing of documents.
Manufacturing Facilities
Having a diverse range of parts production equipment is one of Kinos' strengths. Equipped with sheet metal processing equipment such as combined punch-laser machines and machine tools such as machining centers and NC lathes, Kinos is able to shorten lead times by producing most parts in-house. In particular, high-precision parts that minimize misalignment of transfer equipment and enhance handling precision are gems only highly experienced artisans can make. We support our customers by quickly manufacturing and providing high-quality parts in-house.
Assembly Facilities
Our plants have ample space as dedicated assembly plants. The 2,300-square-meter second plant and 700-square-meter third plant enable us to layout and test large-scale lines. Since the actual equipment is assembled in-house once and its capabilities are verified before being brought to the customer's site, finished products are supplied only in a high-quality state. In addition, assembly instructions are displayed on a monitor dedicated to the operator. Errors are also prevented in the assembly process by promoting paperless operation.
To ensure that delivered equipment is used in good condition for a long time, members of our installation group, who are in charge of installation work at the customer's plant site, also handle maintenance after the equipment is put into operation. These members are aware of what kinds of problems are likely to occur, so they can accurately diagnose and take countermeasures. They also offer maintenance advice to customers. In the future, we will also focus on "predictive maintenance," in which maintenance is performed before equipment malfunctions.

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