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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:27


We are a trading company for electrical, telecommunications, and control engineering

We sell electrical installation materials, telecommunications equipment, and control devices.

Combining electrical, communication, and control technologies, we are working to automate and visualize many factories.

Saving on personnel and labor by incorporating IoT contributes to improved factory productivity.

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Automation and unattended processing with industrial robots
The introduction of industrial robots makes it possible to automate conveyance processes. It can also realize unattended inspection processes by linking with cameras and unattended operation by feeding workpieces into machine tools and so on.
Workload reduction with collaborative robots
Introducing cooperative robots makes it possible to greatly reduce the workloads of workers in attended operations, such as supporting and rotating workpieces.
Batch control of production lines
By being involved in hardware and software design, including PLCs, we can provide batch control of an entire production line.

It is also possible to automate the conveyance process in conjunction with servo motors and the inspection process in conjunction with cameras and sensors.

Moreover, product traceability can also be managed.
Remote operation and remote control
Wired or wireless LAN can be used to remotely control production processes by simply touching the screen of a tablet or smartphone. In addition, introducing MES will allow you to check the status of production from outside the company, making it possible to manage forecasting and actual production wherever you are.
Incorporating safety components (safety equipment) into your production line allows you to ensure a safe working environment for operators and maintenance inspectors.

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