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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:45


Generalist/specialist trading company with a focus on special steel (domestic transactions, exports, and imports)

We offer a wide selection of products from major Japanese manufacturers. One of our greatest strengths as an independent company, not reliant on products from a certain manufacturer, is our ability to handle a wide variety of products. We have made a wide range of products from standards to new products, in a functionally managed automated warehouse.

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[Company Profile]
[Business Portfolio & Points]
Asada is a specialist trading company that mainly handles spring materials, which are essential to daily life, such as automobiles (passenger vehicles, motorcycles, construction machines, etc.), office equipment (printers, ball pens, punchers, filebooks, notebooks, etc.), home electronics appliances (TVs, DVD players, refrigerators, mobile phones, etc.), medical instruments (syringes, catheters, etc.). We will keep striving to be a company trusted by its customers, with a customer-oriented attitude which we have cultivated for 80 years since our founding.
[Overview and use examples of products, technology, goods, services]
● Wires
Hard steel wires, piano wires, iron wires, zinc-plated iron wires, zinc-plated steel wires, various plated wires, other plated products, oil tempered wires for springs, silicon chrome oil tempered steel wires, valve spring oil tempered wires, spring steel wires, stainless steel wires, spring stainless steel wires, cold forging stainless steel, various deformed wires, copper and copper alloy wires, beryllium copper / phosphorus bronze /  nickel silver rods and wires, aluminum and aluminum alloy rods and wires, tungsten wires, titanium and titanium alloy wires
● Strips
Copper and copper alloy plates and strips, phosphorus bronze and nickel silver plates and strips, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates and strips, titanium and titanium alloy plates and strips, polished special steel strips, cold-rolled steel strips for springs, cold-rolled steel plates and strips, hot dip galvanized steel plates and strips, electrogalvanized steel plates and strips, cold-rolled stainless steel plates and strips, stainless steel strips for springs
● New Materials
Piano wires for high-strength precision springs, high-strength ultra-fine wires, ultra-fine deformed wires, high-precision steel wires, high-strength stainless steel wires, non-magnetic stainless steel wires, stainless steel wires for extra-fine springs, stainless steel wires for identification, cobalt-based alloys, high-strength phosphorus bronze wires, high-strength copper-based alloys, nickel titanium based shape memory alloys, nickel and titanium based superelastic alloys, Inconel, hastelloy, metal cleaning agents, degreasing cleaning agents, descaling agents, coating agents, lubricants, rust-preventive agents, brighteners
● Bus bar processors
Forming machines for EV bus bars
● Spring-related equipment
Forming machines, bender machines, coiling machines, torsion machines, automatic material supply monitoring machines, temper furnaces, spring polishing machines, spring examination equipment, spring testing machines
[Representative Message]
For about 80 years since our company was founded in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, we have enjoyed popularity as a trading company specialized in wire and strip materials thanks to our wide variety of products and well-established immediate delivery system. To this very day, we are pursuing higher quality for our products and logistics service, and fully implement a customer-oriented service system, with the aim of being a “trading company specialized in special steel (wires and strips) that is trusted” by customers and manufacturers. Following the motto “Think globally, act locally”, we respond to the need for diversification and internationalization with a distribution warehouse that boasts superior product lineup and scale, and a network in Asia based in Thailand.