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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:30

Forbes Analytics Inc.

Making new discoveries in the world with the hidden power in data!

Our mission is to increase corporate value by resolving social issues such as the “information gap” and “internet literacy issues” through data.
Our strengths are the programming skills and construction of prediction models using advanced mathematical knowledge of our founding members, as well as the attentive services that our customers require, and we specialize in fields where large companies cannot do because of their systems.

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Sales Pitch

System consulting specialized in data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI)
Providing AI matching recommendation service for job seekers and job information using a Saas-type system
JobSimplex is a cloud-based matching system specialized for the recruitment business, so it can significantly reduce the time spent on scouting.
[Do you have these problems?]
● Identifying potential scouts takes too much time
● You want to make effective use of your own database
● You want to prioritize job seekers and effectively introduce positions from a large pool of job seekers.

JobSimplex can solve your problems in the recruitment business!

[Work is partially automated with AI matching]
Eliminate wasteful search time and reduce labor costs

It is said that scouting staff spend 2 to 4 hours or more searching as part of their work every day. Our AI ​​matching function can significantly reduce this time, thereby reducing labor costs.

[See matching status at a glance]
Easy-to-use proprietary matching function

JobSimplex is an AI matching system specialized for recruitment. Anyone can use the system intuitively and easily, reducing search time required for scouting work, so time can be used for other work. Using this system, it is possible to provide uniform services and improve productivity.

[Improves work efficiency by linking databases]
Compatible with multiple data formats
JobSimplex can smoothly import job seeker information from external systems, by linking recruitment media, in-house websites, and APIs. It also supports multiple data formats (PDF / Word / Excel), making recruitment work more efficient.

It has high precision compared to the products and services of other companies, with a matching precision of 85% (*in-company investigation).
University management improvement, student support projects, local government support projects
In order to promote DX (digital transformation) in school and local government management, we make proposals for data analysis and system construction from an academic perspective according to the issues of each organization, such as research strategies, educational reform, and promotion of social contribution.

We promote the effective utilization of educational data through multifaceted data application, by constructing mechanisms and standard models for aggregating and consolidating various educational data.

[Transaction/Development Record]
Hokkaido University, Comprehensive IR Office



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