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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:45

Design Part Co.,Ltd.

Leave it to us for high-precision machined products, freely designed nozzles, and thin-walled products.

Our customers highly evaluate our services such as high-precision products including five-axis machining, nozzle development, design and manufacturing to suit the customer's environment, and thin-walled products. We can also accept orders for highly confidential projects, prototype development projects, and so on, even for a single product.

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High-precision prototype parts, difficult-to-machine parts, nozzles
Leave it to us for processing from five-axis to lathe machined products.
We mainly process prototype parts using five-axis machining centers and machining centers. We also take on precision machined parts, including developing, designing, and manufacturing machining jigs and fixtures for machining and mass production.

We can also handle high-mix low-volume production and can cut thin-walled products (wall thickness t=0.2) as well as small hole processing of diameter 3 to 450.

We have an integrated in-house system including NC lathes, machining, gun drilling machines, milling, and inspection to maintain the quality of our products.
We have established inspection standards for each section to prevent the occurrence of defective products.
In addition, the barcode management of our production control system has allowed us to build a reliable manufacturing environment for internal traceability and progress checks in addition to quality.
We design and manufacture custom nozzles for your exclusive use.
We propose, design, and manufacture nozzles for your exclusive use.

Our nozzles can spray sideways and diagonally backward as well as forward and we can customize the external shape to fit your workpiece.
We recommend these products for workpiece cleaning and air blowing processes inside machining centers. Our nozzles are useful for reducing cleaning work when a workpiece is removed from a machine and for reducing dirt inside the factory.
The overall length, diameter, and direction of the jet can be individually designed to suit your needs, the jet opening can be set to any position, and the nozzle mounting part can be customized to suit your environment.
Our products are completely weld-less to maintain their strength and each one is machined as a single unit.
We can also help with jig and tool design and line equipment proposals.
We also propose, design, and manufacture jigs and tools that satisfy customer requirements.
Please feel free to contact us when you need a jig for mass-production processing or a jig for measurement.
We will provide support from proposing the most suitable jig and tool to design and manufacturing.

In addition, we also take on commissioned work from 2D drawings to 3D modeling, so please contact us if you need help with the actual transcription of data.




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