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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:13

Sanriku Unyu Co., Ltd.

Connecting Japan and the world from Sendai

Being based in Sendai-shiogama Port, which is an “international hub port,” we connect customers and the world as a general logistics company. Taking advantage of the technologies we have accumulated, we have established operation systems in terms of land, sea and sky. We strive for ingenuity at all times while anticipating market needs in order to provide safe, reliable and high-quality services.

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Business contents
Port logistics business
Ports have a function of connecting marine and land transport, and they are bases that support not only the economy in Japan but also that of the world.
Experienced staff and efficient cargo handling equipment are required for cargo handling operations as port operations.

We have many outstanding staff to handle various types of cargo such as marine containers, commercial vehicles, steel, lumber, coal, grain, frozen marine products, and general sundries. In addition, we have introduced state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment, and we undertake our operations with a motto of  safety, reliability and promptness.
Container terminal business
With the development of international trade, Sendai-shiogama Port plays an important role as a wide-area logistics base in the Tohoku region.
Improvements of the port were promoted as an international container terminal port with the aim of further strengthening its functions and the port has become a leading container terminal in the Tohoku region.

At present, in addition to key routes centered on North America, there are feeder routes that connect the Tokyo metropolitan area and other areas with South East Asian routes, China and South Korean routes.
Intermodal transport business 
Our company contributes to reductions in transport costs and environmental measures* through “intermodal transport”  for sea and land.

Intermodal transport is an economical and efficient transport system achieved by the organic connection of marine and land transport.
As a member of the Kuribayashi Steamship Group, we provide high-quality services and transport by ferries in collaboration with other members of the Group.

* Our company received an award from the Director-General of Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as an excellent business operator for Eco-ship/modal shift business In 2010.
Warehouse business
Since the opening of Sendai-shiogama Port, we have strived to improve and expand our warehouses as storage bases for marine transport cargo in order to achieve integrated operations that combine “cargo handling,” “storage,” “operations relating to cargo” and “transport.” 

Recently, against the backdrop of the improvement of Sendai-shiogama Port as an international trading port (a priority objective of Miyagi Prefectures and Sendai City), we have handled an increasing volume of import/export cargo and have extended our track record.
Customs-house business
In Sendai-shiogama Port, the import/export cargo volume is increasing year by year because of operations by international container ships, and as the types of cargo that can be handled have been diversified.
We are trying to establish a fully prepared system for customs-house operations and perform appropriate and quick procedures.

Our experienced staff perform appropriate and quick procedures for a wide variety of import/export cargo in relation to various laws and regulations (the Food Sanitation Act, the Plant Protection Act, the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control, and so on) incidental to the above at Sendai-shiogama Port, which is a gateway to the Tohoku region.
Other businesses
- Air cargo handling business
- NVOCC business
- Ship agency business

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