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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:51

Metcela Inc.

“Revolutionizing the Way We Treat Heart Failure”

Our mission is to provide new regenerative medical products for heart failure at the lowest possible cost. We aim to provide a new means of treatment for patients who have had difficulty obtaining sufficient therapeutic effects with conventional treatment methods, together with playing a role in reducing the burden on the medical economy and social security.

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Our company's technology
Cardiac fibroblasts
Through our recent research, we have clarified that there are various types of fibroblasts in the same organ, including a group of fibroblasts that are particularly well suited for creating functional cardiac tissue and treating heart failure (VCAM-1-positive Cardiac Fibroblasts, or VCFs).

VCFs are very easy to culture, yet they have been shown to have the ability to promote the proliferation and migration of cardiomyocytes and the construction of strong cardiac tissue. Rat and pig studies have confirmed the high therapeutic efficacy of VCFs in treating heart failure.

We obtained a patent for this technology in November 2017 (Patent No. 6241893) and aim to make use of VCFs to provide new regenerative medicine and other products using the patient's own cells.
About the MTC001
The MTC001 is a combination of two products: an autologous VCF and a special catheter for administration. This unique combination makes it possible to administer cells to patients with a minimal burden.

Unlike allogenic cell products, autologous cell products use the patient's own cells, and are said to have almost no immune response. In addition, since immunosuppressive agents normally used in the administration of allogeneic cells are not used, there is no concern about side effects resulting from these agents.

The combination of the strengths of autologous cell products, which do not produce an immune response in multiple doses, and the less invasive catheter dramatically improves the competitive advantage of the MTC001 and its treatment feasibility.

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New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)