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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

Oligogen, Inc.

By using stem cell technology to establish new treatment methods for the central nervous system diseases, we improve patient’s quality of life and reduce the burden on their families

We are a bio venture company attempting to overcome central nervous system diseases, which have limited methods of treatment. Using platform technology with the neural stem cell “OligoGenie” at its core, we intend to deliver new treatment methods for neurological diseases which have no effective treatment methods developed so far. We have already had a patent for the culture method of “OligoGenie” and collected cells (Patent No. 5649745), and have obtained patents in Japan and about 30 other countries around the world.

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Features of “OligoGenie”
1. Differentiation efficiency
The efficiency of differentiation into oligodendrocytes is extremely high when compared with previously reported cells, such as neural stem cells and glial progenitor cells, and they rarely differentiate into nerves and astrocytes, even when transplanted into mouse brain.
2. Culture efficiency
Culture efficiency is high (can culture 10 to 20 times in 1 week), and go up to 30 generations (increasing the number by collecting some cells and growing them in other containers), making it easy to manufacture a huge number of cells.
3.  Storability, low cost
Compared to cells derived from ES cells or iPS cells, these cells are more resistant to freezing and have a very high survival rate after thawing, making it possible to produce and cryopreserve a large number of cells at once.
4. Safety
In animal experiments we conducted in-house, after administering “OligoGenie” there were no cases of canceration, suggesting that there is no tumorigenicity (ability of a cell population to grow and form malignant or benign tumors), so it is considered to be very safe.

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