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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:50

LTT Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd.

Applying cutting edge science and technology to medical care in order to protect health and life of people worldwide

We are a drug discovery venture company that does R&D with the aim of contributing to the health and wellbeing of humankind, by developing revolutionary new drugs and medical technologies. We use DDS (drug delivery systems) and DR (drug repositioning) as our core technologies to practice smart drug discovery (develop drugs quickly and affordably).

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Features of our DDS (drug delivery system) pharmaceutical preparation
The only DDS technology in the world: Improves the dynamics of biopharmaceuticals with lecithinization
PEGylation technology (modification of biological molecules by covalent conjugation with polyethylene glycol) is well-known as a DDS technology for protein pharmaceuticals, but we are the only company that has technology for improving protein dynamics with lecithinization. (We are currently using this technology to conduct clinical trials of PC-SOD). This technology can also be applied to other protein pharmaceuticals.
Development of the world's first DDS carrier that combines targeting and controlled release
Thus far, DDS carriers were aimed for either targeting or controlled release, but our stealth nanoparticles are the first DDS carriers in the world to do both targeting and controlled release simultaneously. We are currently developing Nano PGE1 and Nano BPS (Beraprost Sodium), but it can also contain other drugs.
Adipose fine particle DDS preparation, with a record of launching multiple pharmaceutical products
The dynamics of a drug can be improved by encapsulating it in adipose particles. We are pioneers of this technology and have already succeeded in launching Lipo PGE1 and Lipo NSAID. Our affiliate Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical has one of the largest adipose fine particle manufacturing plants in the world.
Features of our DR (drug repositioning)
Drug screening with an approved pharmaceuticals library
We have built an original compound library that collects only drugs approved in Japan (approved drugs), and have used this to do various screenings and promote DR (COPD, dry eye, etc.). We also operate a joint business that provides this library free of charge and jointly conducts DR. Since 2018, we have provided not only this library but also research funding, and we are operating a business that does research jointly with academia.
Development of new drugs using approved drugs as lead compounds
In order to further enhance efficacy of approved drugs obtained by screening, or to obtain substance patents, we have synthesized derivatives using approved drugs as lead compounds, and created new substances (LT-3001, LT-3002, etc.).
Revival by doing DR of discontinued products
Many pharmaceutical companies have compounds for which they have confirmed clinical safety, but have suspended clinical development due to lack of efficacy or other issues (shelved new drugs). It would greatly benefit them if they could use DR to discover new pharmacological effects and develop shelved new drugs to treat other diseases. Our business portfolio also includes DR contracted from major companies.

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