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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:50

LEDEX Corporation

We design optimal learning environments.

We plan and develop educational software and skill development content for senior citizens. To create an environment where students can motivate themselves to learn, freely experience trial and error, and get proper follow up assistance when they are in trouble or want to go deeper with their quest. By combining our wealth of experience and know-how to design optimized learning environments, we support true learning experiences and acquisition of deep knowledge and concepts.

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Corporate products (products and services for corporate customers, supporting a large number of users at schools, facilities, hospitals, etc.)
Life Skills: Life Skill Development Support Program
“Life Skills” offers various tasks for developing cognitive functions, making it possible to enhance the cognitive functions necessary for life. In addition, “Life Skills” has the cognitive function balance data necessary to perform various life functions and offers two types of proposals based on expert know-how - real training and cognitive function training - in order to support children as they acquire life functions based on comparison with their current cognitive function balance.
Visual Cognitive Balancer Pro
With original drafting and supervision by Dr. Hidehito Kawabata, director of Kawabata Eye Clinic, this app allows users to enjoy comprehensively training not only with their eyes, but linking their eyes to their brain so they can “see and understand.”
It is said that the sense of sight is responsible for more than 80% of external information acquisition. Vision is also involved in the central causes of “learning difficulties.” Use it to address the cause of troubles and make improvements, to further raise “ability to see,” and to do vision training of children.
Audio Cognitive Balancer Pro
“Hearing ability” is related to the complex actions of the brain, and it is difficult to recognize on one’s own.
This app can infer the cause of hearing problems and improve “hearing ability” with simple games.
* “Audio Cognitive Balancer” was chosen and developed with grants, via the 2013 to 2014 public offering for the Development Promotion Project for Practical Use of Welfare Equipment, run by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).



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