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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:50

ID Pharma Co., Ltd.

We will accelerate the evolution and realization of advanced medicine with our excellent vector technology and development capabilities.

Our company possesses world-leading technologies in vector development and manufacturing, and we have earned a high reputation in the biotechnology industry.

In particular, the Sendai virus (SeV) vector, which is our proprietary core technology, is expected to become a global standard for vectors due to its excellent safety and gene delivery efficiency.

In addition, we are striving to promote seeds by utilizing the gene delivery technology capabilities we have cultivated through vector development.

Our company also possesses GMP-compliant vector manufacturing facilities and a cell processing center (CPC).

In addition to developing our own products, we are also entrusted with manufacturing clinical vectors and investigational products for use in clinical trials, as well as specified cell processing products.

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About our company
Technology and business overview
We are engaged in the following businesses using our core technology of Sendai virus (SeV) vectors, which are characterized by features including high expression, high infection efficiency, safety (genome integration-free), and removability.

(1) Development, manufacturing, and sales of iPS cell generation kit reagents: CytoTune®-iPS for research and clinical use

(2) Licensing business: Licensing out of iPS cell production using CytoTune®-iPS and differentiated cells for research and commercial use

(3) Development of gene therapy pharmaceutical products and gene vaccines: Therapeutic products for ischemic limbs, vaccines for infectious diseases, etc.

(4) Contract manufacturing of vectors: Non-GMP/GMP manufacturing of SeV vectors and other vectors

(5) Cell culture/processing contract manufacturing services (licensed to manufacture specified cell processing products): Manufacturing of specified cell processing products

(6) In-Country Clinical Caretaker (ICCC) business: Execution of procedures for regulatory authorities and medical institutions on behalf of overseas sponsors when they conduct clinical trials in Japan.
Main products and services
CytoTune®-iPS for clinical use: GMP-grade iPS cell generation kit for clinically applicable iPS cell generation

CytoTune®-iPS for research: Highly efficient and safe iPS cell generation kit with SeV vector incorporating the four Yamanaka factors

Contract manufacturing of vectors: Manufacturing of SeV vectors with the desired genes, and GMP-grade also available

Cell culture and processing services: Development and manufacturing of specific cell processing products on consignment
Sendai virus (SeV) vector: An original basic technology that is expected to become a global standard for vectors
Technology that is extremely useful for regenerative medicine and gene therapy using iPS cells and so on
Sendai virus (SeV) vector is a viral vector technology that we developed as part of a national project, and it is our company's core technology.

Vectors are substances that have the ability to transport various genes to specific cells or tissues and effectively express them in the target cells.

The quality of a technology for introducing and expressing genes in cells is considered to be one of the key conditions for successful gene therapy and regenerative medicine.
Two excellent characteristics: safety and gene delivery efficiency
The reason for the high safety is that most viral vectors have DNA as their framework and enter the nucleus of a cell to express genes as DNA, but SeV vectors have RNA as their framework. In principle, they do not enter the nucleus and do not cause gene incorporation into chromosomes.

Therefore, it does not affect the chromosomes and reduces the risk of cancer. In addition, it has the added function of disappearing from cells promptly after gene transfer.

In terms of efficiency, the gene can be introduced into a wide range of cells, including those to which it is difficult to introduce other viral vectors, and a large amount of protein can be expressed from a gene introduced into a cell.

We will continue to develop even safer SeV vectors to advance the basic technology and meet the needs of our customers around the world.
Our CytoTune®-iPS iPS cell generation kit is highly acclaimed by researchers around the world
Our iPS cell generation kit CytoTune®-iPS is used around the world as a product using the SeV vector, which is our core technology.

The amount of out-licensing and contract manufacturing of this basic technology is increasing year by year, and it has gained a reputation as a global standard for viral vectors.

We will continue to work with companies and academic institutions around the world to promote the use of this platform technology.



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