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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

GlycoTechnica Ltd.

Here you will find the technical power that realized glycan analysis, which was said to be impossible

We are a biotechnology company that possesses the world's most advanced technology for glycan structure analysis.

Comparative analysis of glycans is possible if there is a target glycoprotein of about a nanogram even without removing the glycan from the protein and fluorescent labeling.

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GlycoStation™ is the world's first comparative glycol structure analysis system
GlycoStation™ is an easier, simpler system for optimally sensitive and high-throughput glycan profiling in a variety of applications. 

GlycoStation™ Reader is a fast, sensitive scanner specifically designed for glycan profiling systems using lectin microarrays based on the principle of evanescent wave fluorescence excitation.

It can be used for measurement without any washing process in a liquid layer to which a fluorescent labeled sample is applied. The measurement time for a single glass slide is only two minutes.
Examples of how GlycoStation™ is being applied
Discovery of novel glycan biomarkers and their diagnostic applications

Characterization of stem cells (ES, iPS, mesenchymal stem cells) for regenerative medicine

Simple glycan chain monitoring of therapeutic protein products such as antibody drugs and EPOs

The relationship between glycan profiling of infectious viruses, intestinal bacteria, and other substances and their infectivity and immunity.
Globally recognized GlycoStation™
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has adopted GlycoStation™ glycan analysis technology, and reported the effectiveness of glycan profiling analysis for biopharmaceuticals in a paper.

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