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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:05

OP Bio Factory Co., Ltd.

We are responsible for upstream work in product development and research using biological and natural products, from resource collection to functional evaluation.

We conduct contract research in biological and natural product chemistry to support R&D.

Six of our 13 employees have doctoral degrees, and tests are conducted by researchers from major pharmaceutical companies with extensive experience in R&D using natural items, as well as in fields including molecular biology, natural product chemistry, marine biology, and microbiology.

We have a system in place to conduct contract research using a wide variety of equipment, including facilities and equipment owned by Okinawa Prefecture.

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Business contents
Outline and features
Contract research: Contract research on biological and natural product chemistry in the fields of health food, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, and so on.

Specialization in atypical testing: We consult with you to set up non-standard analysis and testing systems, and conduct analysis and testing optimized to meet your objectives.

Main contract analysis and testing: Chemical analysis for estimation and structure determination of active compounds, various in vitro assays (cellular phenotype, molecular target, enzyme, microbial assay, etc.), gene expression analysis

Services related to biological resources: Provision of biological resources (materials, strains, cultures, extracts, fractions, and compounds), collection and culturing analysis of specific microorganisms and microalgae strains. As a venture company that started out as a marine research company, we specialize in marine-derived animals, microorganisms, and microalgae among other biological resources. We also propose materials based on our own database of information on traditional food and medicinal uses in Okinawa.
Achievements and results
Fully contracted: The results of our contracted research are used for R&D by customers in the food, health food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics fields. Some of the results contribute to the launch of new products by our customers, or to the improvement of existing products or the addition of new functionality.

In-house development, joint development and joint research: We also apply for and register various patents in the fields of health foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, utilizing the biological resources of the sea and land in Okinawa.

Health food field: Development of Pavlova, microalgae containing high levels of fucoxanthin and other substances isolated from the seas of Okinawa, as a health food (Patent Application 2019-128568) and its launch as a product.

Pharmaceuticals: Antifungal compounds from marine-derived actinomycetes (Patent No. 6792250, Patent No. 6797380, Patent No. 6797379; shared patents with Seed Search Institute K.K.)

Pharmaceuticals: NGF-related active substance derived from marine sponges (Patent No. 5429706; shared with Nagoya University)

Cosmetics: Inhibition of melanin formation and other activities of wild roses and raspberries from Okinawa (Patent No. 5690150, Patent No. 5690149; shared patents with Nippon Menard Cosmetics Co., Ltd.)

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