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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

ExH Co., Ltd.

Contactless power transfer technology for power transmission without using cables

The contactless power transfer method makes use of electromagnetic coils, and is used for contactless charging of smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Our technology is a new contactless power transfer method. It is a low-cost power transfer technology that does not use coils, and can send large amounts of power to conveyors, machine tools, industrial robots, and other equipment.

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Contactless power transfer technology using the electric field coupling method
Overview of developed products and technology
Our technology is a system for contactless power transmission to moving objects on rails using the electric field coupling method.

The ability to transmit power to and communicate with multiple moving objects on rails makes the IoT and AI possible in transport systems, and autonomous distributed control realizes large-scale flexible production lines.

Our system is highly advantageous in terms of safety, price, weight, and freedom of transportation, which are issues with conventional power supply systems. (Many patents have been applied for and some have been granted.)
Features and points
(1) The electric field coupling method reduces the leakage of electromagnetic waves, which enables higher power.

(2) The rail (outer conductor) is grounded, which provides high safety against electric shocks.

(3) The rail is made of aluminum and the electrodes are made of ultra-thin metal, so the components are low-cost. The inner conductor is also easy to install, so the manufacturing cost is also low.

(4) The rail is lightweight, so it is easy to install.

(5) Autonomous decentralized control enables more flexible transportation and movement.

(6) With IoT capability, it is possible to collect sensor information for analysis by AI.

(7) There are no competitors with comparable performance.
(1) Hardware manufacturers

(2) Software developers
We hope to standardize this system in the field of contactless power supply and transfer in the future, and if we can achieve this through collaboration, we will be able to gain a certain share of the market.
(3) Applicable parties (co-developers of applications)
If we provide the system as an open platform, users can develop their own systems and expand their business.

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