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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

Toyonakakeisou Co LTD.

We develop and manufacture wiring-saving IT systems

We excel at transmission devices that simplify wiring, and system and sensing applications of these technologies. We create combinations with IT devices and other equipment based on integrating various sensors and types of information and transmission technologies.

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Universal Line
This is a transmission system with a minimal amount of wiring, which we excel at. For example, simultaneous ON/OFF detection and individual control of various sensors at 256 locations is possible in only 0.5 seconds. In addition, the wide signal bandwidth makes it possible to use the system even in long-distance wiring and noisy environments.
LowLan wire-saving multiplex transmission system
[Features of LowLan]
A group of devices that can supply DC power via signal lines
Long-term stable transmission that differs greatly from conventional PLCs
Transmission with the ability to monitor and control 1,000 points of contact signals
No computer required; basically hardware-to-hardware transmission
Up to 5,000 points can be measured by also mixing analog signals
Applicable to existing DC power lines. Excellent noise resistance.
No restrictions on the number of branches and branch lengths, with a total length of 2 km.
Proven multiplex transmission has been greatly transformed by adding IT and the IoT.
Multi-graph monitoring system
This system is a combination of the wiring-saving transmission system Universal Line and the monitoring software Multigraph Monitor MGM16W.

It is possible to construct an energy-saving measurement and monitoring system that includes water, gas, and air.

[Multigraph Monitor]

This expandable monitoring software can graphically display, monitor, measure, control, and record the information on a Universal Line.

This software can graphically display many items of data, and enables flexible system construction based on a Universal Line with reduced wiring and multiplex transmission.

It is possible to register the number of control signals to display labels with graphs, to measure, monitor, and tabulate input signals. You can also set ON/OFF control and alarm output for output signals, and manage them on a PC screen.

The number of screens for each system can be expanded to a maximum of 20 screens with factory settings, and each screen can be registered with up to 512 points, all of which can be displayed with graphs for a span of 1 hour to a maximum of 10 years.

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