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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

TohoKoki Co., Ltd.

We contribute to society through innovative eco-technology

We provide SiC and GaN substrate processing and other substrate processing.

Our main customers are semiconductor manufacturers and related component manufacturers.

We engage in industry-academia collaboration with universities, and we are conducting joint research on the CARE process for polishing SiC and GaN substrates.

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Business contents
SiC and GaN substrate polishing business
We polish SiC and GaN substrates using the CARE method. This is a polishing method invented by Professor Kazuto Yamauchi and Associate Professor Yasuhisa Sano of Osaka University.

The CARE method does not cause scratches on the substrate and can achieve atomic-scale planarization. It also does not cause latent scratches, so it is possible to provide high-quality substrates. Substrates polished by us are inspected for quality using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and other methods.
CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) pad business
We provide CMP polishing services as well as surface, groove, and hole machining for polishing pads. Please contact us for special shape processing. We can also manufacture CMP polishing pad processing equipment.
Polishing pad recycling business (SAISEI ECO CAP®)
You can attach polishing pads you are using to SAISEI ECO CAP® and recycle them after use.

This can lead to a cost reduction of 25% or more.

Our SAISEI ECO CAP® is an auxiliary plate that makes it easy to attach polishing pads to a rotating surface plate.

You can attach your polishing pad to the center of the SAISEI ECO CAP® using our equipment.

The size of the SAISEI ECO CAP® and other specifications can be changed according to the size of various polishing pads and polishing machines.

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