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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:51

Ishikawa energy research Co., Ltd.

Technology development for innovative energy

We develop highly durable, high-quality products such as home cogeneration systems and long-flying hybrid drones using vibration-free engines.

Our commercialized products include vibration-free reciprocating engines and high-performance drones made of magnesium alloy.

In our thermal business, we have a track record of commercializing ejector refrigeration systems, which are highly efficient gas engine heat pumps (GHPs) that use exhaust heat.

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Sales Pitch

Long-flying drones that make use of zero theoretical vibration technology, with a twin-crank opposed-piston four-cycle reciprocating engine
Technology overview
Our drones are equipped with a vibration-free, compact, and highly efficient engine that enables highly stable, long-duration flight.

The engine is a twin-crank opposed-piston four-cycle reciprocating engine with zero theoretical vibration (our company’s patented technology). It has a mechanism that cancels out all primary vibration, secondary vibration, and torque reaction force.

The engine's ultra-low vibration and noise characteristics also make it possible to apply the engine to wall-mounted cogeneration systems (capable of power generation, hot water supply, and heating) for ordinary households, which had been considered difficult in the past.

In that case, 27% of the energy can be used as electricity and 65% as heat, for a total energy efficiency of 92%, making it an economically viable household energy device.
Features and points
By using an engine to generate electricity and an electric motor to drive the propeller, our drones can fly for more than one hour while taking advantage of a drone's characteristic ease of operation.

High-performance engine
(1) Although it is an internal combustion engine, it is a single-cylinder, no-device engine with zero theoretical vibration.
(2) Low noise and lightweight twin-crank synchronous reversing mechanism using a belt drive.
(3) High-turbulence combustion chamber with a high compression ratio to ensure excellent thermal efficiency.
Matching fields we are seeking
(1) Agricultural machinery
Manufacturers, logistics manufacturers, etc.

Sales of drones that can fly for long periods of time are possible.

Joint development of drones suitable for agriculture and logistics is possible.

Engines with ultra-low vibration and noise can be applied to other applications.

(2) Manufacturers of internal combustion engines and their applications

Sales of cogeneration systems equipped with these engines are possible.

Engines with ultra-low vibration noise can be applied to other applications.

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