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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

RichStone Limited

Power Maker® small power generation system using a low-temperature heat source

We have developed Power Maker®, a compact power generation system using low-temperature heat sources, which makes use of unused heat energy of 100 to 200°C, such as factory waste heat, hot spring heat, and solar heat.

Industrial waste heat, which has a low calorific value, can be used for power generation, which makes it possible to save on commercial electricity rates, promote energy conservation, and contribute to the natural environment.

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Power Maker® 
This is a power generation system that makes use of unused thermal energy of 100 to 200°C from factory waste heat, hot spring heat, solar heat, and so on.

Our original ECO Scroll® expansion unit with integrated power generation technology incorporates a swivel system with an eccentric swivel shaft, which enables high-precision, high-speed rotation compared to a conventional system (swivel drive system like a crankshaft), resulting in high efficiency.
Features and points
Capable of generating power using low-temperature exhaust gas of 300°C or lower.

Suitable for small-scale power generation of 3 kW to 12 kW.

Highly efficient power generation with the ECO Scroll® expander with integrated generator based on our original technology.

Small size (height 1480 mm, width 1040 mm, depth 840 mm) enables transportation by truck.

Power output of 4.1 kW and energy regeneration efficiency of 8.8% are achieved from a heat source of 125°C.
PR for contract manufacturing companies

We can license our patents and provide technical guidance to promote joint development.

This is the world's first power generation system with a power generation capacity of less than 10 kW, and is expected to open up new markets in the future.

PR for various factories

With the introduction of this product, power can be generated from waste heat that could not be utilized in the past. This saves on commercial electricity rates, promotes energy conservation, and contributes to the natural environment.


低温熱源を利用した小型発電システム Power Maker®.pdf

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