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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:08

Riamwind Co. Ltd.

Environmentally friendly and efficient Wind Lens Turbine

Our company is engaged in R&D of wind power generation in collaboration and cooperation with Kyushu University, with Wind Lens Turbine® as our main product. We contribute to Japan's demand for renewable energy and to local communities through our broad-based parts industry business.

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Product Information
Wind Lens Turbine
This is a wind turbine with a ring (wind collector, lens) around the blades.

Features of the Wind Lens Turbine

1. High efficiency
Due to the effect of the wind collector (lens), the output power can be expected to increase two to three times compared to a normal wind turbine with the same rotor diameter.

2. Quietness
The fluid dynamic interaction between the blades and the wind collector (lens) suppresses the vortices at the tips of the blades, resulting in almost no wind noise.

3. Landscape
Unlike conventional wind turbines, which have rotating blades with sharp tips, the soft image of the round wind collector (lens) surrounding the blades does not spoil the landscape and easily blends in with the surrounding scenery.
Joint development system
Joint development with Kyushu University Wind Lens Turbine Development Research Project Team
(Team Leader: Yuji Oya, Specially Appointed Professor, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics)

1. We will develop products jointly with Kyushu University. Development is carried out in collaboration with experts in fluid mechanics, structures and materials, and control systems. Various tests are repeated using Kyushu University's extensive experimental and testing facilities.

2. Accurate wind forecasting (micrositing) in advance is essential to take advantage of the performance of wind turbines. You built a wind turbine, but it won't turn! To avoid such a situation, we will perform the following forecasting together with our sibling company RIAM-COMPACT.

Prediction of wind conditions at the time of introduction
Prediction of annual power generation dependent on wind conditions after installation
Examples of introduction
Unattended camera observation points
Radio relay points
Power sources for emergency power supplies, etc. (e.g., solar power generation)
Electricity for lighting at local community plazas
Electricity for parking lot lighting

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