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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:54

SolarFlame Corporation

We commercialize clean energy infrastructure through photovoltaic technology development and solar power generation

We are a venture company of Tokyo Institute of Technology. We jointly develop their patented technologies on solar energy (solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation) with NEDO and overseas countries (Abu Dhabi, India, Australia, etc.) at domestic sites in Japan and overseas desert areas. We are creating a solar energy industry based on these developed technologies.

We aim to develop solar energy applications in Japan by solar sharing through crossover tracking photovoltaic (PV) power generation, local government corporation, and sixth sector industrialization.

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Business contents
Beam-down focusing technology (next-generation CSP) from Tokyo Institute of Technology
This technology is expected to become popular in the future because the thermal storage system can be reduced in cost compared to tower focusing.

The central reflector can be lightened and the cost can be reduced, which is a feature of Tokyo Institute of Technology's beam-down technology.
Crossover tracking heliostat
This is a revolutionary technology that completely eliminates the need for AC wiring in solar thermal concentrator fields and solar PV mega-solar power plants (shortening the construction period and lowering costs).
Solar sharing
In solar sharing, agriculture is the main source of power generation to the greatest extent possible.

Crops also receive a sufficient amount of sunlight, making it possible to both generate electricity and grow crops.

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