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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:54

Kansai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Plant engineering for distillation, evaporation, rectification, reaction, fermentation, extraction, solvent recovery, and so on

We conduct development of multi-component solvent recovery equipment and processes based on various separation technologies such as evaporation, distillation, filtration, extraction, and absorption.

We independently invented and designed equipment including our lift tray, Hi-U blusher, and multi-chamber evaporator during our process development.

We are currently conducting R&D on an internal heat exchange-type distillation column, which is an energy-saving system.

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Developed products
Lift trays
The tray element is composed of a fixed perforated plate, a movable perforated plate, a movable perforated plate retainer and upper lift limit stopper, and a cloak.

The aperture ratio ranges from 0 to 20% for no aeration (minimum aperture ratio) and from 20 to 60% for maximum lift (upper maximum aperture ratio), and the holes can be round, square, triangular, or rectangular.

The hole diameter, aperture ratio, hole shape, and other parameters are designed according to the treated material, operating conditions, and intended use.
Hi-U Brusher
Our Hi-U Brusher is a device that makes a thin film of liquid flow down along the heating surface and evaporates it under a vacuum at a low temperature and in a short time to reduce thermal effects.

Compared to other evaporators, such as pot stills (single-type evaporation cans), the heat transfer coefficient is about 10 times as high. It is used for distillation, concentration, decolorization, deodorization, and degassing of substances that are low in pressure loss and vulnerable to thermal decomposition or have a high boiling point.
Multi-chamber evaporators
A dividing plate is inserted into a conventional single evaporator to divide the liquid phase into three or more parts, and the separated chambers are connected by connecting tubes (holes). Each chamber is heated by the same heat source or separately, and evaporation is performed.

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