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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:00

Hydro-VENUS Co.,Ltd.

Tidal current power generation using a pendulum

We are an R&D manufacturer of power generation devices based on hydrodynamic power generation technology developed through flow-induced vibration research, together with disaster-prevention sensing devices applied to sensing and prediction.

We will promote the concept of locally produced energy and develop a wide range of applications from disaster-prevention sensing to core electric power that supports our daily lives.

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The uniqueness of Hydro-VENUS
Hydro-VENUS does not use complex blades or turbines like typical small hydropower systems.

It can be made with simple poles with a circular, semi-circular, semi-oval, or other cross section.

It solves various problems of flowing-water power generation like the following.

Inexpensive and sturdy construction
Drifting objects are less likely to become entangled
Can be driven in shallow water and at low flow velocities
Tidal power generation
There is a vast amount of tidal energy, equivalent to 20 nuclear power plants, lying dormant in the familiar waters of Japan's coastal regions. Moreover, tidal currents are a stable power source that is not affected by weather conditions.

Tidal current power is typically generated by rotating propellers, but our Hydro-VENUS (Hydrokinetic Vortex Energy Utilization System) is an innovative tidal current power generation system that uses a pendulum instead of a propeller.

Disadvantages of the propeller method
Blades damaged by entrapped drifting debris
Special technology is required to manufacture the vanes
Fish are injured by rotating propellers

Features of Hydro-VENUS
Less entrainment of drifting objects
Simple shape and easy to manufacture
Nutrient agitation effect improves the marine environment
Sensing for disaster prevention
Forecasting flooding is becoming increasingly important. However, there has been little progress in monitoring of changes in the upper reaches of rivers and small waterways in urban areas, which are important for forecasting.

There are also places where there are no power or communication lines, such as mountainous areas.

To solve these problems, we are currently developing a system with Okayama University with a small Hydro-VENUS device for electricity generation, sensing, and communication with cloud AI to make predictions.

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