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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:47


Introducing multifunctional high-performance carbon nanofibers

Carbon nanofiber is a milled fiber with an aspect ratio of 200 to 800 nm in diameter by 1 to 20 μm in length. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it can be mixed with resin for use as a radio wave absorber, and has improved mechanical properties.

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[Company Profile]
[Business Portfolio]
○ Development, manufacturing, and sales of commercial test disks; consignment testing of various disks
○ Development, manufacturing, and sales of auxiliary materials for electronic parts, refractory materials, and related products
○ Sales of optical drives for long-term storage and optical disks for long-term storage
○ Development, manufacturing, and sales of optical drives for industrial and AV equipment
○ R&D, manufacturing, and sales for the nanomaterial business
[Products / Services]
○ Thermal Insulation Materials
In 2005, we established our subsidiary Alcera in Suzhou, China, and entered the field of refractory and thermal insulation materials. We do development, manufacturing, and sales, mainly in China, and in 2012, we also started sales in Japan. Under Japanese leadership, we conduct strict quality control, and have built a system that enables us to do everything from design to construction, so we can make flexible proposals at low cost.

○ Storage Solutions
We develop, manufacture, and sell optical drives installed in industrial machinery and audio products. We have realized high reliability and quality by accumulating experience in many instances of supplying OEM, and constantly pursuing new technologies. We can do customization with all optical drives, and will propose the most suitable product for your needs.

○ Archives
We provide archive solutions that allow customers to store and utilize valuable information such as documents, images, and photographs long-term. Optical disk archives were made using technology cultivated in the initial stages of optical disks. They have high storage stability and reliability, and can be operated at low cost. We also do outsourcing of everything from digitization to recording, storage, and management.

○ Industrial Solutions
We develop, manufacture, and sell test media for standards and adjustment of PCs and AV-related equipment. Our test media have been widely adopted by manufacturers around the world, and we have the largest share in the world. Test media are used not only in the product development and production processes, but also in various processes done by related parts manufacturers, in which they are useful for maintaining and improving the compatibility and quality of products shipped to the market.

○ Nanomaterials
We develop, produce, and process nano products, which are gaining more attention in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical products, and sporting and leisure goods. With a combination of our carbon nanofibers and graphene powder, which make high concentration high dispersion easy, we can develop highly functional composite materials and paints with high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high rigidity, high elasticity, high slidability, etc. not offered by other companies. We will continue to contribute to further development of functional materials.
[Representative Message]
We are currently undergoing structural reform of our businesses. In our nanomaterial business, which are developing as a new business, we have made great progress toward acquiring the knowledge and data necessary for us to thrive as a manufacturer of functional materials worthy of belief in our future. Based on these facts, we have become able to find optimal solutions for countless applications by gaining deeper understanding and control of strengths and properties of nanofibers. By obtaining certification as part of METI’s “Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program” (Supporting Industry Program), we have established a development environment, and are now able to respond more quickly. In the thermal insulation materials business, while many customers are postponing regular repairs because of uncertainty about the future, a major domestic iron and steel manufacturer gave us the courage to proceed with business structural reforms by giving us an order for a new large-scale project. This unstable situation is likely to continue this year, but Almedio will continue to undertake challenges. We humbly request your continued support and encouragement for our Group.