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Cutting Machining of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and Resin Materials

Our company provides machining services for various synthetic resins such as acrylics and polycarbonates. We also perform the adhesion, welding, and bending of synthetic resins, engraving, screen printing, and production of jigs for assembling with processed metal products. The products we handle include decorative parts for elevators and escalators and prototypes and mass-produced components of equipment, machinery, and vehicle-related products. We can give shape to the image you envision through consultation on the choice of the resin suitable for the application or switching materials from metals/glass to resin. We operate a website,

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Sales Pitch

Business Description
Technological Capabilities
We finish the transparent materials with delicate characteristics to a high degree of precision using know-how accumulated over the past half-century since our founding.

Even materials not specified by manufacturers can be bonded through polymerization in-house. We can also handle products with a thickness of over 200 mm.

We pursue transparency using our polishing technique certified to "Takumi (master)" standards.

Blades are also polished in-house so they can be used in the optimum condition for the required accuracy of the surface to be processed.
A production system and manufacturing equipment are in place to handle orders from one piece to over 1,000,000 pieces in the shortest time possible.

There is a general-purpose department and a mass-production department. The department that handles the corresponding ordered quantity proceeds with the project swiftly.
Our multi-axis machining center, one of the largest in the Kansai region, enables mass-producing large-sized products.
Continuous 24-hour operation is possible.
We deliver high-quality processed products with a comprehensive quality system that complies with ISO 9001.

Dimensional Inspection
Products are triple-checked: initial inspection, intermediate inspection, and outgoing inspection.

Appearance Inspection
Strict visual inspections are essential to drawing out the beauty of acrylic resin, the "queen of plastics."

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