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A company specialized in global communication, with a focus on translation

We work with customers to share issues going beyond translation, in a process design of communication we call “Creative Translation”.

We excel at working with our customers from our own perspective to share issues and design communication processes, using our experience technology, and worldwide network as a translation company to consider “localization and internationalization”, “efficiency and creativity”, “Japanese sensibility and a native perspective”, and “processes and roles”.
All of our solutions are order-made for each customer.

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All solutions we offer are order-made. Our fields go beyond translation to design, systems, and consulting.
{Alaya Creative Translation}
Alaya works with customers to share issues going beyond translation, in a process to design communication we call “Creative Translation”, which we use to conduct all manner of projects.
All solutions we offer are order-made.
Our fields go beyond language to include design, systems, and consulting.

Alaya's unique perspective
Localization and internationalization
Efficiency and creativity
Japanese sensibility and native perspective
System and manual work
Process and role

Creative Translation Project
Language Solutions
Various types of translations
Integrated report translation
UI translation
Catch copy naming
Support for overseas counters
Simple interpreting
Company profile, catalog production
Design Solutions
Video production
Website design
UI localization
Pictogram design
VI construction support
Brand book production support
System Solutions
CMS introduction and operation
Machine translation
Translation support tool use support
E-learning development
Knowledge management system building
Consulting Solutions
Overseas design award support
Evaluation / verification
Seminar planning and management
Global branding
Introduction of style guides
Group / market research
{Alaya Translation Services}
More than 50 languages supported!
Alay’s translation service is distinguished by the fact that we support more than 50 languages from ​​around the world, and have the ability to handle work in a wide range of fields. We handle such fields as instruction manuals, company guides, catalogs, websites, and academic papers. With Alaya's abundant experience and technical capabilities, as well as our network of translators from around the world, we support our customers’ desire to communicate to the world.

Western / Northern Europe, North / Latin America
English (US / UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Maltese, Irish

Eastern / Central Europe, Russia, other European regions
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Macedonian

Asia, Middle East, Other regions
Japanese, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Kazakh, Uzbek, Afrikaans, Myanmar, Kyrgyz, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Khmer

Standard translation work flow
1) Translation by native speaker of the finished language
2) Cross check
3) Final check

Translation categories
Instruction manuals, technical specifications, company guides, brand books, product catalogs, product packages, websites, investor relation materials, comprehensive reports, contracts, car navigation systems, applications, software, promotional videos (subtitles, narration), exhibition panels, presentation materials, academic papers, in-house manuals, press releases, reports
{Alaya Projects}
After receiving an order from a customer, we identify the issues, then start project design in order to solve those issues. We execute projects according to the blueprint “Work Breakdown Structure” (WBS), all the way until final delivery.
All members involved in a project, including the customer, understand the entire WBS and contribute to success by sharing progress and solving problems that arise in the process.

Project Design
Compile customer desires and assumptions, and share processes (using WBS)
Select and assign the most suitable translator / checker considering the field, difficulty level, schedule, and budget
Examine pre-processing / post-processing of translation, then decide and assign engineers
Adjust schedules

Using WBS
At Alaya, we create WBS as blueprints for our projects. The WBS is used as a tool to facilitate communication, by sharing progress and issues among all members involved in a project.

Translators / Checkers
We assign translators appropriate for each project, selected from registered translators who meet the quality and achievements according to Alaya standards.
As a rule, our translations and cross-check are done by native speakers of the finished work language.

Home electronics appliances, electrical equipment, electronic parts, precision equipment, medical equipment, digital cameras, audio, automobiles, machine tools, machinery, railways, communications, IT, software, Internet, chemistry, electric power, advertising, publishing, printing, banking, construction, housing facilities, education, stationery, cosmetics, household goods, interiors, hotels, leisure facilities, toys, restaurant chains, etc.

Instruction manuals, technical specifications, product catalogs, product packages, websites, investor relations materials, comprehensive reports, contracts, company profiles, brand books, in-house manuals, press release reports, user interfaces, applications, software, promotional video (subtitles / narration), exhibition panels, presentation materials, academic papers, etc.

[Supported data formats]
Office data, DTP data, online data, etc.



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