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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:17

Vertex Co., Ltd.

Please entrust us with the integrated production of molded articles. The integrated production processes range from support for the design of products to mold making, molding, assembly, and packaging.

While focusing on mold making, mass productivity, and costs, we make proposals including those for shapes of molded articles. 
We perform mold making which enables precision micromachining. As for molding and mass-production, we are equipped with clean rooms in which airborne bacteria and falling bacteria are monitored. As such, in an environment suitable for each requirement, and under the strict quality management system certified by ISO 13485, we mass-produce products.     

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Description of business, information on products, and strengths of our company
Description of business
We support the development and design of injection-molded articles, design as well as produce metal molds for injection molding, and perform integrated production of injection-molded articles the processes of which include production, inspection, assembly, packing, and packaging.

Our main products include medical instruments, laboratory instruments, consumables for analysis equipment or in vitro tests, connectors for in-vehicle or consumer use, in-vehicle electrical or electronic components, parts related to optical equipment, and precision plastic parts such as those for houses or industries. 

Our production sites have a total of more than 100 injection molding machines the clamping force of which varies from 18 to 230 t. In the clean room of the Kyoto Factory, airborne bacteria and falling bacteria are monitored to establish an environment suitable for producing medical or laboratory instruments. As for mold making, for example, we are able to perform high-precision micromachining of micro plates by using high-precision machining centers. 

While focusing on mold making, mass productivity, and costs, we provide total services that range from support for the design of molded articles to assembly and packaging.
Information on products
We are good at manufacturing plastic parts, especially small precision parts. So far, we have produced a lot of parts for electronic equipment connectors. By utilizing the experience, we have expanded our business fields to include industry or medical parts for the connection of media such as gas and liquid. 
<Main applications>
- For medical or laboratory instruments
The medical field required for the healthy life of humans uses a wide range of plastic products. They have become indispensable to the field. The products used in the medical field which is directly linked to human life and health are required to be not only high quality, but also highly safe, clean, and reliable. In order to meet the needs, we actively invest in plants and equipment. One example is the construction of a dedicated factory, fully equipped with a clean room, in Kyoto Prefecture.  
- For industrial equipment
Reliability and durability, which are different from those required for commercial products, are required of plastic parts for the industrial facilities and equipment that include robots, which have become widely used in recent years, and that support production sites. Our manufacturing techniques are utilized to meet various sophisticated requirements such as the above ones. 
- For electronic components
In the field of electronic components that constitute electronic equipment, plastic parts are widely used. In recent years, electronic equipment has become more and more downsized and multi-functional. To respond to these trends, electronic components are required to be further downsized. By utilizing high-precision mold making techniques that we are good at, we meet these requirements.
Strengths of VERTEX Co., Ltd.
- Integrated production system
We perform processes ranging from the design and production of metal molds to molding as well as mass-production, secondary processing, and assembly, in an integrated fashion in our factories. The integrated production system facilitates collaboration among processes and engineers, greatly reducing waste and loss in the flow from trial production to mass-production.

-Development support
On the basis of extensive experience and know-how nurtured through molding and mass-production, we assist clients in designing and developing products, by fully utilizing 3D-CAD and flow analysis software.

-Self-development of labor-saving electronic controllers
We independently develop various electronic control systems including image inspection equipment and automatic assembly machines, actively reducing labor in mass-production plants. These measures are taken to increase our production capacity and greatly contribute to the quality improvement of products to be supplied to clients and to cost reduction.  
Strength of metal molds
- Allowing for the production of high-quality and ultra-small molded articles
Mold making that is based on high-precision processing techniques, such as grinding processing, for achieving a dimensional tolerance of up to 1 micron leads to the production of high-quality molded articles. Furthermore, the mold making enables the production of ultra-small precision molded articles the weight of which is 1/100 grams.  

- High productivity
The high precision of each mold component enables split core structure and the production of metal molds for multiple pieces. Split core structure is effective as a measure against outgassing, possibly extending the maintenance period of metal molds. Furthermore, since the size of each cavity does not greatly differ, the production of metal molds for a significant number of pieces is enabled. These techniques lead to the production of metal molds with high productivity.  

- Long life 
The high precision of each manufactured mold component leads to precise positioning during the opening or closing of the metal mold. As a result, the friction of sliding parts is minimized, dramatically extending the life of the metal mold.

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