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Honey, Royal Jelly, and Beekeeping Equipment

Since establishing a beekeeping department in 1887, Akitaya Honten has dealt with bee products, the bounty of honeybees, by utilizing its history, experience, and knowledge as a beekeeping wholesaler. 
Amid the growing demand for food safety, we produce safe and secure raw materials with honeybees under a strict quality control system and supply them to general food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and cosmetics manufacturers.
We will confidently propose raw materials that match the application to help manufacturers.

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Our Business
Contract Manufacturing
Our company manufactures cheer packs on an OEM basis. We are also actively developing and proposing next-generation containers and health and beauty foods.

Cheer Pack®
Our company introduced production equipment for Cheer Pack®, a pouch with a straw, in 1989, ahead of the industry. Since then, we have consistently produced more than 100 million servings every year, from honey packaging containers to soft drinks and food products, and have received high praise from our customers for their quality.
Quality Control
Honey and other bee products are natural products, so the quality of raw materials affects the quality of the product. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect raw materials and use only carefully selected raw materials. 

In our factories, our quality control staff designs processes to produce safe products based on the manufacturing techniques specialized for each factory. Also, we support the production by checking the control items based on them in detail every day. In addition, the Quality Control Department at the head office evaluates the process design, checks the daily management status, and conducts product inspections to provide our customers with peace of mind.

Our Horado Plant, which produces soft drinks on consignment, is one of the few HACCP-certified plants in Gifu Prefecture approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Our other plants also implement the same level of control based on the HACCP concept. 
We will continue to work with our customers to ensure safety, security, and high quality from the product development stage to raw material management, manufacturing, and shipping.
Research and Development
Research on the functionality of propolis and pollen
Preventive effect of propolis and royal jelly on stress disorder
Research on the bioactivity of royal jelly on the nervous system
Exploration of cholesterol metabolism improving substances in royal jelly and elucidation of their action mechanism
Exploration of the bioactivity of royal jelly protein-decomposing substances (peptides) and elucidation of their action mechanism
Exploration of the industrial use value of honeybee larvae

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