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“Working to be a company in business for 100 years. We aim to be a company that pleases customers with products and technologies crafted with our creativity.”

Kunimori Kagaku can provide technologies and products that are trusted and beloved by customers, centered on plastic molding.
We introduce automation equipment that combines high molding technology we have cultivated over many years and the collective strength of the group,
and create even further added value with an eye to the future, continuously undertaking challenges, and never staying satisfied with the status quo.

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Sales Pitch

Business Portfolio
 *Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of plastic products such as automotive parts, information and communication equipment, home electronics appliances, and logistics materials
 *Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of injection molds
 *Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of our proprietary products
Features & Strengths
・For automotive parts, information, home electronics appliances, and the like, we meet the needs of customers with our all-in-one source of solutions,
 as we integrated everything from making the design received from the customer, to shipping to the customer.
・ We deliver products with reliable quality through monozukuri craftsmanship that incorporates automated equipment and image inspection systems,
  made in the pursuit of production efficiency.
・When it comes to molding, we can produce a wide variety of composite molded products, 
 with two-color molding, insert molding, continuous integrated molding, and clean room molding.
High-quality “dies and molds” produced by a molding manufacturer
High-quality dies and molds made in pursuit of efficient molding with technical capabilities cultivated and know-how accumulated over 60 years in business.
As a plastic molding manufacturer, we have learned through a long process of trial and error in order to create and
provide “dies and molds for plastic molding”.
The “Kunimori Brand”, a whole new form
Cable, hose guide protection device (cable chain)
“Continuous integrated molding” created with our unique molding technology.
Continuous integrated molding enables us to manufacture cable chains with a seamless link less structure.
We provide customers with the Silveyer Series, which offers smoothness, low dust, low noise, low vibration, and low wear, unlike other cable chains.
[Silveyer Series]
  Linkless structure with smooth bending characteristics (low noise, low vibration, low dust, low wear)
 Silveyer Tough
  The quality of Silveyer, with extra high rigidity and long operating life (2-stage horizontal partition structure)
 Silveyer Flex
  Smooth movement with a skeleton structure (3D, articulated type, strong full cover)
 Silveyer Light
  Simple structure and ultra-lightweight (economy model, easily stored)
Corrugated plastics, logistics products, fastening tools
・We offer a lineup of products with various functions, as well as eco-friendly plastic corrugated cardboard (plastic cardboard),
 available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.
・A one-size-fits-all container uses our proprietary resin parts, and it can be easily assembled by anyone, anytime, anywhere, 
 without the need for special equipment.
 We deliver valuable products that customers want, from sheet shape processing services, 
 to box-making materials and container (assembly) sales.
・We provide a new type of fastening product usable for a variety of purposes, 
 making it easier, more convenient, and more reliable to fasten various materials.

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