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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:10

Tatsumi Corporation

Manufacturer of Ibushi-gawara (smoked roof tiles), including Authentic Onigawara, Exterior Products, and Commemorative Items

Our company manufactures Awaji onigawara (ridge‐end gargoyle tile unique to Awaji), a designated traditional handicraft of Hyogo Prefecture. The lineup includes custom-made onigawara tiles, which are handmade one by one by Onishi (onigawara craftsman), decorative roof tiles, and interior/exterior products using roof tile. While retaining the old craftsmanship, we have incorporated new sensitivities and can now produce original made-to-order novelty goods.

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Product Lineup
Custom-Made Products
The custom-made products are handcrafted by Onishi (Onigawara handcraftsman) one by one. Onigawara, which are made by hand, go through various processes. The craftsman first makes drawings, creates a paper pattern, makes the base, molds the face, opens the eyes, makes the feet of a cloud-featured tile, dries it naturally, stacks it in a kiln, fires it, and smokes it to complete the process. 

While inheriting traditional techniques, we incorporate new sensibilities of the modern age. Onishi's passion for soil never stops.

<Examples of Custom-Made Products>
Kimen (onigawara of a demon's or ancient demon's face)
Kyonomaki (scroll-shaped ridge-end tile for temples and shrines)
Roban (base of a pagoda finial)
Shishi, Shachi, and Shibi (ridge-end tiles in the shapes of a lion, orca, etc.)
Shoki san (decorative roof tile with a legendary hero)
Himomagari, Nori (decorative tiles of various forms)
Sumibuta (decorative tiles that cover joints)
Kawara Kaze: Interior & Exterior Tiles
The Kawara Kaze Series are new products consisting of smoked roof tiles handcrafted by Onishi artisans who carry on the traditional techniques. The high-quality soil from Awaji Island and the innovative sensibilities of the Onishi artisans will bring new air to your gardens and interior spaces. The moderate color tone of the smoked surface, silent presence, and texture that develops over time complement any space without obstructing others.

<Product Information>
Kawaranoma, Flower Series: Decors and interiors
(interior decorations, ornaments, knick-knacks, lucky charms, wall hangings, souvenirs, gifts, etc.)
Kawaranoma, Tree Series: Garden materials and exteriors
(smoked blocks, tiles with Hanabishi patterns (flower-shaped crest))
We accept orders for other made-to-order items.

<Examples of Custom-Made Products>
Souvenirs and gifts
Vases and planters
Doorplates and signboards
Family crest
Shoki san
Others (pigeons, dolphins, cows, dogs, cats, snails, etc.)