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Specified low-power 920 MHz band wireless networking/wireless signal transmission equipment

We provide wireless communications networking systems, wireless transmission devices for input/output signals and sensor information. We have wireless communications equipment specialized for IoT and M2M.

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Specified low power 920 MHz band wireless networking systems
Wireless networking system / wireless signal transmission equipment
Our proprietary developed wireless network system is a wireless network equipped with a function to automatically avoid radio wave interference and collect information in real time.
☆ Real time operation
 1. Network repeaters collect transmission information from wireless terminals in real time.
 2. About 6 times per minute, network monitors collect information gathered by 8 network repeaters.
☆ Maintainability
 1. For the communication paths of the network, each repeater determines the optimum path by itself and performs stable communication.
   No routing is required during installation. It is easy to add more repeaters, and in the event of radio wave interference or equipment failure, it automatically bypasses the location of the fault.
 2. For inter-device communication, it is equipped with a proprietary communication protocol that prevents transmission loss.
☆ Internet of Things
 This is a network system that wirelessly collects all remote information, such as temperature, humidity, gas concentration, strain gauge readings, and water levels.
 It can also connect to the cloud server with the LTE connection device.
Automatically recognizes the positions of workers and heavy-duty machinery vehicles at construction sites, etc.
1. Construction site worker access monitoring
This monitoring system automatically recognizes the current position of the worker using small transmitters carried by workers, and the location information can be checked at entrance gates or on tablet terminals.
Location data is centrally managed on a server to visualize on-site work.
2. Construction site heavy-duty machinery vehicle location/operation monitoring
This monitoring system recognizes the position and operation information of heavy-duty machinery vehicles using ultra-compact wireless transmitters on the vehicles, and the status can be checked at the entrance gate or on remote tablet terminals.
Data is centrally managed on a server and progress is visualized from the operation status.






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