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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:46

TSK Co.,Ltd.

We are a printed circuit board mounting company specializing in the processing and assembly of electronic components. In addition to producing printed circuit boards, we also undertake integrated production of products and focus on building products using our network.

Our company mainly produces mounted PCBs for amusement devices and industrial equipment on a made-to-order basis. We will continue to supply products that satisfy our customers through flexible production lines that can handle large-lot, high-mix small-lot, and trial productions. 
Also, for consigned integrated production, we will make a wide range of proposals based on the customer's budget by making full use of our network.

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Sales Pitch

Main Flow
Our one-stop service system reduces the burden of management and after-sales service for customers.

We established a system to undertake everything up to after-sales follow-up by working with our group and partner companies. The system covers design (meeting the required specifications and onward), A/W, PCB production/processing, unit assembly, procurement (electronic components, PCBs), and analysis of electronic component manufacturers.
Flexible Production Line
We provide a flexible production line that can handle large-lot, high-mix-small-lot, and trial productions. 
All the processes, including mounting, inserting/retrofitting, electrical inspection, and assembly, can be consistently conducted in the same building. 
We will also propose well-balanced manufacturing methods and inspection methods from trial to mass production phases of various PCBs.
Flexible Response
We will comply with the requirements specific to each industry.
We will sort out the details and recognize the importance of observing the rules and criteria in the industry's permits and licensing practices and standards (e.g., IPC-A) before procuring the materials and manufacturing the units.
Various Inspection Methods
We propose initial manufacturing costs and product inspection methods based on the customer's requirements.

By connecting with the dual-function testers and optical fiber units (100 units each) that we developed with a tester manufacturer, we can inspect products efficiently and accurately. We will build a system covering multiple-lot measures to quick inspection measures to establish an inspection method suitable for each item. 

Also, when entrusted from the design phase, we will propose quality verification items in addition to functionality.
Other Achievements
We have experience prototyping electronic components to be mounted on special substrates such as transparent substrates, aluminum base substrates, and thin, rigid substrates (0.2 mm thick) and mounting them on a mass production basis. (We have an extensive track record in mounting on thin, rigid substrates for mass production).