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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:44

Econos Japan co.,ltd.

We are an environmentally friendly total engineering company that focuses on controlling microorganisms, developing and providing various types of disinfection, cleaning, and reforming equipment, including carbonated hypochlorous acid water and related software.

Econos Japan is an R&D-oriented company with the corporate motto "contributing to society by providing environmental measures economically and in a way that does not harm nature or human health." Although small in size, our company is working to solve various problems for customers by utilizing our four proprietary technologies: water technology (sterilization, cleaning, deodorization), air technology (dust removal, draining), heat technology (superheated steam sterilization, reforming, sintering, shrinker), and light technology (Xe pulse light sterilization, space sterilization). Our company offers solutions in a one-stop manner by conducting microbiological tests in-house and providing other support from the software side, rather than being a mere machine manufacturer.

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Providing Sterilization, Deodorization, and Cleaning Equipment for Food and Other Industries
Carbonated Hypochlorous Acid Water Production Equipment Using Carbonic Acid Gas Neutralization Method (supplies even in high concentration)
Weak acid disinfection equipment using hypochlorous acid with a pH of around 6 is less corrosive and less affected by alkaline and chlorine gas than sodium hypochlorite. It has been confirmed to be highly effective even at low concentrations.

The electrolytic type is widely recognized, but it has problems such as uneven concentration, inability to achieve high concentration, and inability to treat a large amount of water. Also, as for the mixing method, some devices adopt the neutralization method that uses additives such as hydrochloric acid and citric acid. However, these devices pose a high risk because of the influence of the additives and the fact that the part where the chemicals are added can generate a large amount of chlorine gas if not appropriately operated during the acid/alkali reaction.

We went through these issues during the development stage and created a safe two-component mixing system. The product has a proven track record of over 13 years in the market already. When you use it, we will work with you to verify its effectiveness in killing microbes.
Proposing a Shelf Life Extension Program by Using Carbonated Hypochlorous Acid Water and Bacteriostatic Agent for Food
In the food industry, sodium hypochlorite is widely used as a disinfectant. However, even boiling water cannot kill the soil-derived genus Bacillus, which significantly impacts the shelf life of fresh and cut vegetables. In response, we propose a sterilization and bacteriostatic program that uses hypochlorous acid water and bacteriostatic agents in vegetable and processing plants. The program is increasingly being adopted as we verify its effectiveness, especially for ingredients such as green onions and cucumbers.
Sterilization Equipment Using Xe Pulse Light
Some yogurt aluminum sealing sheets, containers, and lids are produced without sterilization, and UV light, which is relatively ineffective for black mold, is used as sterilization equipment. Our company developed a pulse light-emitting system with a Xe lamp for this application. The system has been utilized because of its lower running costs, higher sterilizing power, and longer lamp replacement life than UV lamps.