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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:31


If you have a problem with coating small parts or precision parts, our technology can solve it!

Using the latest coating robots, film thickness can be numerically controlled in units of a few microns, realizing uniform film thickness without adversely affecting part dimensions. Our finish is overwhelmingly superior in terms of aesthetic quality compared to conventional coating methods.
Unmanned production through the coordination of coating robots and transfer robots ensures that no dust or debris can adhere.

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We realize incredible aesthetic quality in coating small parts and precision parts!
Coating of small parts with complex shapes that were difficult to handle conventionally
Our technology solves the problem of parts coating that could not be achieved or could not meet the required quality level with conventional coating methods. It achieves realistic expression without losing the original shape and design of parts.
Replacing surface treatment with coating greatly expands the range of designs. We can handle special coatings in all sorts of colors, including metallic and pearls colors, as well as target materials such as metals, nonferrous metals, resins, and rubbers.




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