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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:58

Penn & Nitto Corporation

Specialized Manufacturer of Fluoropolymer Tubing

Our company imports, produces, processes, and sells fluoropolymer tubing, which is used in various fields such as semiconductors, automobiles, electricity, medicine, and aerospace. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we make proposals based on our accumulated experience and know-how and are also actively working to provide made-to-order products and free samples.

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Product Information
We carry flexible tubes for piping, heat shrink tubes and straight tubes for protecting objects, and a wide variety of other types of tubes ranging from very narrow to very wide and from ultra-thin to thick-walled. These tubes are used in various applications, from aerospace to submarine.
Fluoropolymer Tubing
Fluoropolymer tubing is used in various industrial fields and many ordinary households. In particular, our fluoropolymer tubing is frequently used under severe operating conditions that require high reliability and safety. While providing tubes according to the customer's applications, we have created an extensive lineup of high-quality tubes, consisting of our own and other overseas manufacturers' products. Customers can find just the high-function fluoropolymer tube they need in their respective fields. We strive to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, price, delivery, and service.

[Penntube®] (Heat shrink type)
Simply covering objects provides heat resistance, insulation, non-adhesiveness, and slipperiness, as well as protection from the external environment (resistance to chemicals, moisture, stains, etc.) and reinforcement. It has demonstrated performance in various applications such as wire and harness binding, heat resistance, and insulation protection in fields ranging from aircraft, electronics, automobiles, and home appliances.

[Pennchem®] (Flexible type)
This tubing allows a high degree of flexibility in piping work as the inner diameter remains almost unchanged even when bent and can be stretched and contracted. The tube can be adapted to the inside of space-saving equipment.

[Fluoropolymer Finetube] (Custom-made)
The custom-made tube excels in lubricity and has a low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance. It comes in a heat shrink type and a straight type. The tubing is one of the thinnest we sell and is recommended for equipment that requires precision, such as medical devices and semiconductor equipment.
Products Other Than Fluoropolymer Tubing
Pebax is a shrinkable tubing made of nylon-based material certified to USP Class VI standards. It is widely used in the medical industry for applications such as catheter shafts and the protection of other components. PEEK can be used as an alternative to stainless steel and as a protective material due to its excellent abrasion and radiation resistance.