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Proposing Value-Added Dynamism to Our Customers' Manufacturing

Our company specializes in creating products using various materials such as plastic, aluminum and other metals, and wood. Since we can handle everything from procuring different materials to designing, manufacturing, assembling, and quality control, we can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in ordering, receiving, and managing products, in addition to the tedious work of finding vendors.

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Business Description and Features
Our company specializes in producing products made of various materials such as plastic, aluminum and other metals, and wood. Our role is to propose value-added products that are full of dynamism to our customers' manufacturing and to keep moving forward with them. With 70 years of experience since its establishment, our company is committed to providing superior products by quickly identifying customer needs and making full use of our advanced technology and accumulated know-how.
Overview and Application Examples of Main Products, Technologies, Goods, and Services
Our company can handle the design, development, and manufacture of wooden products, molds, assembly and packaging materials, as well as other products using various materials such as synthetic resins. We are also capable of resin processing, aluminum die-casting, metal processing, and prototyping. Please leave it to us to propose a manufacturing process that combines multiple materials, which only we can do. 
We have a wide range of experience as a partner of office furniture manufacturers, convenience stores, supermarkets, housing-related manufacturers, and plant factory manufacturers.

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