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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:46

SANKO Corporation.

Development, manufacturing, and sales of general household goods

We develop, manufacture, and sell a comprehensive range of household products for categories including toilet, bath, kitchen, pets, disaster prevention, seniors, and sports.

We develop our products by listening to the voices of consumers, focusing on our own brands Okudake Kyuchaku® (Easy Adsorber) and Bikkuri Fresh® (Surprisingly Fresh).

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Product information
Okudake Kyuchaku® (Easy Adsorber) deodorant, water-repellent, stain-resistant tile mat
The Okudake Kyuchaku® (Easy Adsorber) series is based on our company's original adsorption material. The mat attaches firmly to the floor for peace of mind.

Products are water-repellent, so they can be easily wiped clean and can be removed for washing.

A wide variety of sizes and patterns are available.

1. Special adsorption process for peace of mind and a comfortable fit.
2. You can remove only the dirty parts for washing!
3. Thin enough to prevent tripping and make opening and closing doors smooth.
4. The water-repellent finish makes it easy to wipe up spilled liquids.
5. Easy to cut with scissors! You can enjoy original arrangements.
6. Made in Japan for peace of mind and reliability.
Bikkuri Fresh® (Surprisingly Fresh) special fiber that lets you remove stains with just water
Our Bikkuri Fresh® (Surprisingly Fresh) series makes use of our original special fiber. It can remove stains without detergent, even with just water alone. It is gentle on your hands and the environment, and the water runs off easily, so it is clean. We have also taken care to make the shape easy to use.

1. No need for detergent thanks to the power of special fibers!
2. Drains easily and dries quickly!
3. Detergent is not used, so the time-saving is very convenient!