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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:50

Fujimi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Don't waste everything that comes from the Earth

Our company has three main businesses: an agricultural materials business, which sells compost for agriculture; a greening materials business, which sells materials for greening roads and other facilities; and a rental storage business, which provides rental containers.

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Business contents (1): Agricultural materials business
Chicken manure compost
This is an organic fertilizer that contains the main fertilizer elements of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, and has an immediate fertilizing effect. It is slightly alkaline with a high lime content, which has an acidity-correcting effect, and it also contains organic matter, making it effective for soil preparation through continuous use.

Cattle manure compost
This product is made by mixing wood chips and bark into compost over a long period of time. After application, it improves the physical properties of soil and enhances soil fertility. It can also be expected to have a fertilizing effect.

Pig manure compost
This is an organic fertilizer that contains the main fertilizer elements nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, and has an immediate fertilizing effect. It is characterized by its high content of trace elements such as zinc and copper, and it also contains organic matter, making it effective for soil preparation through continuous use.

Bark compost
Bark compost is a product made by composting bark from the wood industry over a long period of time. It has the highest organic matter content of all organic fertilizers. It improves the physical properties of soil after application, and also creates an aggregate structure in the soil over a long period of time, which increases soil strength.
Business contents (2): Greening materials business
Environmentally friendly greening process
This is a process to reduce waste to zero by using biodegradable plastic bags for packaging base materials, fertilizers, and other materials used in slope revegetation work and effectively utilizing them at construction sites. The empty bags left over after construction are granulated into pellets on-site, which are mixed with the base material and sprayed.

Soil stopper process
This is a combined process of greening foundation construction (soil-retaining materials) and greening by spraying. It was developed for the purpose of restoring un-vegetated slope surfaces such as steep mortar/concrete sprayed surfaces and bedrock surfaces to their natural state through potential natural vegetation, landscape greening, and so on.

Landscape revegetation process with soil stopper
This is a process involving planting saplings as a method of producing trees in slope revegetation. This process makes use of soil containers specifically designed for planting saplings, which ensure their growth, and the containers are fixed to soil stoppers installed at the site. After planting, the entire surface will be greened by spraying. This method incorporates landscaping technology into slope greening.

Mortar slope special greening process with soil stopper
This process aims to establish vegetation on the entire surface of an existing mortar slope. After laying high-density palm mats on the mortar surface, the soil stopper method is used.

Woody soil neo process (registered with NETIS)
The woody soil neo process is a slope revegetation method in which woody materials usually treated as waste are crushed into chips and effectively used as a base for direct growth of vegetation. This is an environmentally friendly process that uses special microorganisms to suppress greenhouse gas emissions from sprayed slope surfaces.

Accelerated greening process
This is a process in which woody materials generated at ground preparation sites are composted on-site and returned to the site as a base material for growth and as soil improvement material. Since woody materials are not disposed of as waste, waste disposal costs are expected to be reduced, greatly contributing to the achievement of zero emissions. It is also very safe because it uses food-derived composting accelerators.

Slope mulching process
Plant powder and granular materials are sprayed onto the slope (with some flat areas) using a mortar gun or other equipment, resulting in weed control, improved landscaping, and a clear view of the road.

"Florella" process
This is a process involving simultaneously sowing several kinds of seeds (sometimes as many as 20 kinds) of flowering plants with different flowering times by spraying or hand-sowing, and the continuous flowering of the plants improves the landscape.

"Hotoku" rooftop gardening system
Based on our decades of experience in manufacturing and selling artificial soil, we have developed a system that can introduce greenery to the rooftop space of buildings, aiming for optimal soil for greening in arid environments. We manufacture artificial soil for rooftops by making effective use of recycled organic and inorganic materials. We can also provide materials related to rooftop greening.
Message from the CEO
Our company's business has always been done in the cycle of nature. Since the time when the word "recycling" did not yet exist in Japan, we have been contributing to the development of Japanese agricultural soil by turning discarded natural resources into compost, and we have played a part in national land development by developing greening materials. 

Now that environmental problems and natural disasters are becoming more serious, we feel that we can do more and more to help. We are currently undertaking organizational reforms with a view to becoming a 100-year company. 

There is an old saying in Japanese that refers to "three stages of mastery" in order to accomplish something. It is necessary to first follow the teachings of the founder, then seek to break the mold in search of your own style, and then let go to create something unique.

Our reorganization of 2017 was truly a "breaking" stage, and as we enter the 2020s, we are in the midst of a "letting go" stage.

We will carefully choose what we should change and what should not be changed, and we will develop the future with faith in the power of each and every one of our employees.

We hope you will look forward to the future development of our company.