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The de facto standard for industrial wiring devices

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The de facto standard for industrial wiring devices
Our company has been manufacturing and selling unique wiring devices such as outlets, plugs, and office equipment power bars for over 90 years.

We manufacture and sell wiring devices with originality, and continue to provide highly safe products that form a part of your life.

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We are experts in wiring fixtures such as suspended wall outlets and plugs, and NEMA-standard connectors
Extensive lineup and NEMA standard connectors
We have a lineup of 33 types of wiring fixtures from 15A 125V to 100A 600V. This is the largest lineup in Japan within the same rating range.

We also have an extensive lineup of outlets, plugs, power bars for office equipment, outlet power strips, and so on in the pole layout of the U.S. NEMA Standard (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) WD6 rating.

There are currently 14 NEMA-rated pole arrangements (ratings) available.

NEMA-standard products are often required in all environments, such as when installing equipment such as servers and UPSs, and for power receiving and storing equipment.
Waterproof connector series
We provide connectors and plates that have or can have waterproof performance, such as waterproof outlets, waterproof plugs, and waterproof plates.

In addition, the combination of a waterproof plug and a waterproof cord connector body, or a combination of a waterproof outlet, waterproof plate (dustproof and jet-proof type), plug, and waterproof round cover that functions as a waterproof outlet, can maintain waterproof and dustproof performance as high as class IP65 even when in use (when energized).
Outlet power strip series
Various types of outlet power strips are available in 1U and 0U sizes. They are ideal as power supplies for servers, UPSs, and other equipment mounted in server racks (19-inch racks) in data centers and other locations.