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DELE Co.,Ltd.

Based on our philosophy of “Erase with care, erase to create a new future”, “Data Erasure Concierge ®” completely erases data.

“Data Erase Concierge ®” completely erases personal information such as Individual Numbers (My Numbers) and data such as confidential information. We offer a wide range of data erasing services, and we can propose data erasing services to meet your needs.

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Data erasing service
ERAZER magnetic data erasure device
The magnetic data erasure device ERAZER is developed and manufactured by our group companies. It is compatible with both perpendicular recording and parallel recording methods, using strong magnets to completely erase magnetically stored data on HDDs and other devices. It is lightweight, portable and easy to operate, with the touch of a button. We also offer rentals. (Cannot be used to erase SDD data)
Data erasure traceability system [ETTMS]
(Erasure trail tracking management system)
 [ETTMS] Data erasure traceability system
The tracking ID linked to the target device or recording medium can be assigned and registered on our dedicated cloud server. That tracking ID can then be used to do tracking from the beginning to the end of the data erasure work process. In each process, each company adds and records their work progress. These records are kept on the cloud server, and can be checked by customers in real time, and can also be audited by third parties.
 ETTMS is the world's first “data erasure traceability system”, operated in accordance with the guidelines on information security policy in local governments published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). In addition, it uses a dedicated cloud server for high-level operation, with the appropriate “disposal (data erasure) method” and “check methods” demanded of it.
ETTMS Features
☑︎ Completely made in Japan, so it is a safe, secure, and reliable system
  Server ... SAKURA Internet Inc.
  Development ... Ultra-X Asia Pacific
  Operation: ADEC regular members or companies with an operation contract
     Our company is a regular member of ADEC.

☑︎ MIC “Guidelines for Information Security Policy in Local Governments” 
  (December 28, 2020)
  in compliance.
☑︎ All data centrally managed on the cloud.
☑︎ Real-time tracking.
☑︎ Audits done by a third party.
☑︎ Software driven data erasure is done by a third party (ADEC)   
    Certificates are issued.
☑︎ Tracking work reports are issued.
☑︎ History of past work processes can be checked.
☑︎ Introduction period can be selected from [6 months] or [12 months].
☑︎ Demonstration tests completed in Yokosuka City in March 2021 and Fukuoka City in April 2021.
 *DELE conducted the first demonstration experiment in Japan with Yokosuka City. 

Advantages of introducing ETTMS 
☑︎ No need to worry about malicious companies, as we require ADEC regular members or an operating contract.
☑︎ It is compliant with guidelines published by MIC, so it is not necessary to witness the work process when using a contractor. *1   
☑︎ All data can be checked just by logging in.
☑︎ Real-time tracking helps to prevent human error.
☑︎ Third-party audits increase the transparency of work processes.
☑︎ A third party (ADEC) issues erasure certificates, improving credibility.
☑︎ By issuing tracking work reports, we can realize high reliability and transparency even when disposing of information equipment removed from customer’s premises.
*1 Staff witnessing is one method to “do appropriate ‘disposal (data deletion)’ and ‘confirmation’, according to guidelines published by MIC. Previously, there was no alternative to “witnessing”. With ETTMS, it is possible to “do appropriate ‘disposal (data deletion)’ and ‘confirmation’ (as per its features), according to guidelines published by MIC, so it can replace staff witnessing. Therefore, introducing ETTMS makes witnessing by staff unnecessary.
ETTMS is a cloud system, so with one installation, it can be operated by all departments. *
This saves work, because it is not necessary to make operation contracts for each data erasure project or department. *
*This may not apply, depending on the contract requirements.
Purchase service for information-processing equipment after data erasure
Contributing to a sustainable society!
Our total service includes data erasure, assessment, purchase, and security measures. *2
・We can reduce the disposal cost of information equipment!
Transportation and disposal costs for waste disposal can be kept to zero.
In addition, purchase fees can be deducted from data erasure work cost, 
contributing to significant cost reduction.
The spare budget gained from cost reduction can be used to improve service!
・Now you can reduce waste and expand recycling in line with SDGs!
Not only PCs and servers, but even HDDs and other devices can be used as recycled resources, building the client's recycling record.
Just by using our purchase service, you can greatly contribute to achieving the SDGs set as goals at the UN!
*2. After erasing data, we will dispose of HDDs and SSDs and use them as resources, including scrap iron.


企業の個人データの取り扱いと個人情報保護法について 【DELE株式会社】.pdf

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