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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:42

Sharekul Inc.

Why not utilize your company car more effectively by sharing?

By installing onboard equipment, you can manage "who" used "which vehicle," "how much," and "for what purpose" adequately.

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Sales Pitch

Why not try using your car more economically?
Merit: Cheaper than renting a car or car-sharing!
The service allows your employees to use company cars for private use more affordably than the usual car rental or car share service.
Complete systemization: Prevents input errors and fraud before they occur!
The Sharecle system enables users to grasp usage time and mileage. You can see all the details, such as date, location, and distance, at a glance.
No more tedious manual input.
Use it with peace of mind by switching between business and private use with an IC card to protect personal information.
Privacy protection: It protects your employees' privacy!
Private driving data will not be disclosed to the administrator (person in charge of general affairs), so employees' privacy is protected. Even if the car is used for business by mistake, the data can be corrected immediately.
Other Services Available to Suit Your Company
Reducing the Workload of General Affairs Staff
Sharecle automatically calculates employees' private usage fees (shared usage fees). Since the system collects all the fees by credit card, the staff does not need to process additional payroll deductions.
Insurance support: Three patterns are available!
We offer three patterns for insurance.
Use the company's insurance (risk to the company, no cost)
Use the driver's insurance (cheaper on a monthly basis, but only covers compensation)
One-day insurance or Sharecle compensation (vehicle insurance is also available, which avoids risk for the company)
OEM: Can be customized to meet your company's needs!
The system is customizable to what your company wants to do. Our system engineers conduct interviews about your issues and provide a system already customized to your needs. You will be able to operate the system with peace of mind with our total support package covering everything from the interview to after-sales support.
POINT 1: Dedicated screens and server environments for your service will be built quickly and inexpensively
POINT 2: Onboard equipment, servers, and other devices will be procured by our company
POINT 3: Customizable in various ways, including additional screens/functions and data linkage